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We ask our future

Life on the move - we question our future

After an alienating year from 2020 to 2022, we have launched an initiative to stop letting our lives be dictated by the crises and their drivers. To this end, we are simply taking our lives collectively into our own hands by launching a new kind of future strategy: for all those who want to break new ground - and for a joint departure into the coming years - out of the present ... into our future!

Therefore, we received questions from many interested people in advance and combined them into a questionnaire.

The result is a universal strategy for the future made up of various building blocks, as a starting point for each individual and all of us:

"Life" - as a common departure into the years to come ...


I4F Ideas for Future Broadcast 1


Hello, my name is Thomas Tankiewicz and I welcome you to Ideas For Future TV - the show for everyone interested in novel & feasible ideas for our holistic and collective future. Our ideas and future scenarios presented here are of very high quality, as we develop them with software that creates an optimal mental state for creativity and idea development - so we always deliver you fresh thought goods ...


Development of optimal crisis strategies - for oneself, one's company or one's organization

About this episode

We talk about how optimal ideas, solutions, innovations and strategies are developed neuroactively in order to expand one's required approaches and options for action in crisis situations. With the goal of actually using crises as opportunities by making hidden potentials visible - and an orientation towards the future optimum.


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Our 2021 - our joint strategy for the future is ready to go

After an alienating 2020 and 2021, we have launched an initiative to collectively take charge of addressing the ongoing crisis situation:

Together with all of us we want to develop a universal future strategy for us all develop: "Our 2021" - as a joint departure into the coming years!


Our 2021 - our joint strategy for the future

UPDATE: We are extending the submission of questions for our collective future strategy "Our 2021" until February 22. The goal is to develop a path out of the crisis for our collective future, which we shape autonomously as people and companies.


After an alienating 2020, we would like to launch an initiative to collectively take the management of the ongoing crisis situation into our own hands:

Together with you, we want to develop a universal strategy for the future for all of us: "Our 2021"!


Inhuman social centrifugal forces through corona inoculations

At present, an overall social problem is emerging that is already developing ever greater centrifugal forces and could lead to a social divide. This must be avoided. For this purpose we propose the following project, which will be realized by a responsible organization or foundation in cooperation with us.


How airlines will take off into the profit zone again in the future with necessary innovations and fresh ideas

A novel methodology of trend and future research paints a picture that goes beyond the established scenarios of the industry.

NEURONprocessing, a Hamburg-based company specializing in innovative idea development (ideation), has investigated the question of what "The possible future optimum for airlines - especially with regard to new business fields" might look like. The question is part of the project "Ideas for international airlines during and beyond the crisis"., as part of the COUNTER CRISIS IDEATION | IDEAS DEVELOPMENT FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT initiative.

Based on the current situation, it is difficult for most airline executives to envision the possible development of the aviation industry over the next few years.

The current situation is forcing most airlines to focus mainly on acute issues, such as resuming air traffic as quickly as possible at present. This leaves the companies little or, in the worst case, no scope at all to deal with the development of a possible future optimum based on sustainable measures and innovations.

For this reason, the ideation specialist NEURONprocessing with its research-based NEURONprocessor Software The Institute for Idea Development set out to work out a possible optimum for the airlines, which could last beyond the crisis.

In general, a global market shakeout in favour of the renowned and state-owned airlines is already taking place during the crisis - and also in the following years.

"As paradoxical as it may sound at first glance in the current situation, the spectrum of new possibilities (solutions) is very broad and accessible to any competitor in the global market who sees the crisis as an opportunity," says Tobias Krieg as project manager of this NEURONprocessing ideation and former Airbus employee (Aircraft Quality Conformance Manager).

In addition, promising new business areas are emerging for airlines that are willing to innovate. These can be easily integrated into the airlines' newly created infrastructure in the change that is now urgently needed. In the project results, these lucrative business areas will be discussed in more detail.

These include:

  • A new environmental approach with real results that are transparent to society
  • Health care and related new services
  • Public innovation as an accelerator of sector-specific issues

Within the framework of the entire project "Ideas for international airlines during and beyond the crisis"., the following points were elaborated:

  1. The current situation of airlines in the context of the Corona pandemic.
  2. Other possible immediate measures by airlines for regular flight operations out of the crisis.
  3. Possible period of the critical phase of the pandemic for airlines.
  4. Steps that airlines need to take now, in parallel to the above immediate measures, to enable an entry into an optimal future development.
  5. The milestones of the airlines on the way to a possible optimum.
  6. The possible optimum for airlines beyond the crisis - especially with regard to new business areas.
  7. Currently still helping, missing ideas (in the sense of immediate measures) - and possible new business areas for aircraft manufacturers that are lucrative even beyond the crisis.
  8. Currently still helping, missing ideas (in the sense of immediate measures) - and possible new business areas for airport operators that are lucrative even beyond the crisis.
  9. Finally, it was examined whether there are striking differences in the application of the developed ideas in an international comparison.

The results can be found on the NEURONprocessing website:


The NEURONprocessing company works with a constantly growing team of international professional IDEAS developers. The idea development takes place with the research-based NEURONprocessor Softwarewhich enables the development of ideas in the optimal mental state. The resulting collaboratively developed results go far beyond the established thinking (internal view).

Within the framework of the COUNTER CRISIS IDEATION initiative, the company is in a position - especially in crisis situations - to effectively develop the solutions, innovations and strategies that show those responsible and those affected an expanded spectrum of action. The goal is to minimize specific negative effects of crises - but also to understand them as an opportunity for change and further development.

NEURONprocessing is looking for further experts for its topics and projects, so that they can work with the NEURONprocessor for the purpose of providing support in the development of ideas. Interested parties simply contact the company.

NEURONprocessing Company:



NEURONprocessing UG


What is NEURONprocessing?

NEURONprocessing is a platform that offers idea development (ideation) via software, in workshops and on commission. In addition, there is training as a professional, certified idea developer. NEURONprocessing also provides the necessary software for idea dissemination. The approach is based on findings from brain research and was developed under the leadership of Thomas Tankiewicz - co-founder and managing director.

What is the goal of NEURONprocessing?

In essence, NEURONprocessing is a tool that develops creative processes as software in a more targeted serial manner and leads to significantly more efficient results than comparable methods. It uses findings from brain research to better tap the creative potential of the human brain. Software based on these findings - the so-called NEURONprocessor - enables the reduction of everyday thinking in connection with extremely increased intuition - and thus allows to act apart from prefabricated thought patterns and to develop solutions more efficiently.

A project based on the NEURONprocessor software (self-use, workshop or order) provides immediately usable results at low costs. This NEURONprocessing idea development (ideation) is applicable for any kind of problem solving and innovation: for technical developments, the conception of marketing measures, as well as the change of organizational structures and processes.

How successful is NEURONprocessing?

Example financial company

Task: Customers did not pay attention to the company's correspondence, although the disregard was associated with increasing costs for you. The goal: increase attention and quick response from customers.
Solution: In order to change the "text deserts" with their "technical jargon", a communication designer was brought in to graphically depict the ever-increasing costs with continued non-response to the cover letters. The image of the client was rebuilt into a helper who always finds a solution for the customer. The response rate increased to 70 %.

Example high-tech company

Task: At a Formula 1 supplier, two interconnected components repeatedly tore apart in load tests. Question: What is the problem, why does the fault always occur in the same place and how can this be remedied in terms of production technology?
Solution: The breakage of the adhesive was caused by vibration or tensile forces. To prevent this, the carbon fiber component should be baked longer. The adhesive should be thinned and injected with more pressure and additionally with a rotating motion to achieve a more even distribution.

What does NEURONprocessing cost?

Depending on your needs, NEURONprocessing works on individual or multiple issues in a workshop or as an assignment. In addition, there is the possibility of self-application and training as a professional, certified idea developer.

The current prices for personal use or use as an organization can be found on the NEURONprocessing website:


NEURONprocessing emerged from the ISFR - Institute for Brain Research, Science & Futurology, founded in 1996.


2006 - "NEURONprocessing Institute for applied brain & futurology".
2016 - "NEURONprocessing Think Tank, Academy and Institute for Brain & Future Research".
2019 - NEURONprocessing UG


Thomas Tankiewicz - Management
Dirk Jacobasch - Development Manager
Uwe Volk - Head of Research
Jörg Salamon - Investor Relations


International teams put together depending on the assignment (project)


Companies from various industries, municipal institutions and authorities

Company address

NEURONprocessing UG

Web links


Ideas for crisis management of hairdressing shops

Counter Crisis Ideation | Hairdresser Shop Crisis Ideas



To the already existing specifications and proposals for the reopening of barbershops / hairdressing salons, we have developed some complementary to enhanced security ideas. These can be implemented to increase the security if necessary:


This is aCombination of:

  • Disinfection lamp (yellow)
  • Modified barber chair (brown & orange)
  • Exhaust air upwards (blue)
  • Optional: Oxygen for the customer (turquoise)
  • Gloves and disinfection
  • No waiting times due to appointments (red)


Disinfection lamps


It must now finally be clarified by appropriate investigations whether and how disinfection lamps have an effect on the virus. If the mode of action is given, then these should also be used in shops. This would then also be relevant for use in taxis, as described in our "Development of ideas for the German taxi industry in the context of the current Corona crisis" described.

So far, it can be said that disinfection lamps are not very intensive. The WHO even declares them ineffective. The radiation dose required for disinfection is probably relatively high and possibly unhealthy for humans in the case of direct irradiation. The current state of knowledge assumes that disinfection lamps only help against viruses in the air. For example, there are shaded areas on rough surfaces - i.e. the virus is not reached here by the radiation.


VisorModified barber chair


The hairdresser's chair can be optionally equipped with a protective device - at least a visor.


1st variant: Visor / windshield on the Hairdresser's chair

The idea is to have a kind of visor or windshield - similar to a motorcycle or child seat - that attaches to the barber chair.

RodAs if a suitable visor or similar is also available as a standard product in different variants - or also in the form as protective equipment.

For fixation bars from the hardware store can be used - if necessary shower bars in large quantities from a manufacturer that you bring on board as a hairdresser association. The optional oxygen cylinder (see oxygen therapy) can also be attached to this.


Carrying strapSecond variation: Visor on Body

Like the 1st variant - only attached to the body. This would be possible via a holding corset like for stunt kites. A classic folding visor will not be sufficient in hairdressing. 


The basic principle here is: Set the barber chair all the way up and always move the client all the way down.


Exhaust air


Idea of a high suction exhaust air system above the cutting stations, so that the breathing air can be sucked upwards and, if necessary, filtered and discharged.



Exhaust air system


The aim is to build up a negative pressure above the workplace - if necessary also with other (air conditioning) techniques.

It is crucial that the exhaust air is directed upwards. This could also be realised via a standard device that is positioned centrally in the store at the right place.


Exhaust air system concept


The small Oxygen therapy


It is also possible to start with the customer, who can quite easily be in a biosphere of his own.


Optional: Oxygen for the customer

Medical oxygen from the can and the oxygen cylinder brings numerous health benefits.

The oxygen cylinders are simply attached to the hairdresser's chair(s). The customer buys for under 10 euros a Breathing mask with hose for medical oxygen and the hairdresser connects it to the bottle. The oxygen is either charged by the hairdresser - it's on the house.


Breathing mask

99.95% medical oxygen and supports the body with e.g.:

  • Delay of the cell ageing process
  • Power increase
  • Head and neck tension
  • Increasing concentration
  • Periodontitis prophylaxis
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • New strength and energy with fatigue
  • Support for respiratory problems
  • Improvement of the psyche
  • And many more effects

Oxygen therapy


Disinfection & Standards

Of course, gloves must be worn and disinfectant must be used to clean the work utensils after each customer.


For customers who want to play it safe:

The customer buys 1 x his personal hair cutting utensils such as comb, scissors and long hair trimmer brings the each and can be sure that everything is clean.

Otherwise, all restraints and other hygiene standards should be observed and applied.

Idea development for the education sector in the context of the current Corona crisis

Quick recap:

The current Corona crisis is affecting the education sector differently - depending on how far the respective institution is in its e-learning implementation. The task now is to actively and strategically shape this crisis and change with a view to the future.

As of today, we will start publishing our results on the following questions on a daily basis. We have realized these as part of our optimized idea development (ideation) for crisis management and innovative future orientation. Further information is available on request or in the following interview.


We have worked out the following questions in detail:

  1. The current situation of digital learning for German schools and educational institutions in the context of the Corona pandemic:
  2. What measures can German schools and educational institutions take to keep education running in the short term?
  3. Optimal tools, concepts and structures that the schools and educational institutions in Germany can build that will have a promising future beyond the crisis:
  4. What tasks can German schools and educational institutions take on in the crisis outside their core activities?
  5. Possible period of the critical phase of the epidemic for German schools and educational institutions in Germany:
  6. Can the ideas also be transferred to the international school and education sector and what are the differences, if any:
  7. What role or function can learning and publishing platforms take in the context of this project:
  8. To what extent can the latest findings on learning itself, be optimally applied in the context of this project:


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Development of ideas for the German taxi industry in the context of the current Corona crisis

Quick recap:

The current Corona crisis is hitting the industry at a time when it is already undergoing fundamental change. This crisis and the change must now be actively and strategically shaped with a view to the future.

During the crisis, the industry has a set of measures at its disposal. For example, passenger compartments can be shielded, innovative disinfection can be carried out beyond the normal level, new technologies can be used, primarily cashless payment can be used, and visible and perceived security can be increased. In addition, various other measures have been identified that can help the industry now and in the future.

As far as possible, the new or expanded tasks and services should gradually be embedded in the existing service portals.

In future, the taxi industry should see itself as an "all-round service provider" serving a much broader range of activities.

The order of the day is to start preparations for new business areas now (!) in order to be able to develop them.

The industry must show itself with the alternatives and new possibilities in the crisis: Communication is extremely important... The largest cab companies should join forces (e.g. "Taxi United against Corona") and agree on standards.

The period of the critical phase of the epidemic for the taxi industry seems like a rather long-lasting phase to adjust to. The impact will be longer lasting as we are still at the beginning of the crisis and we are not going back to normal so quickly. Even if the impact on the taxi industry may not be as great as currently assumed. Especially if the currently emerging opportunities are used.

In principle, the ideas developed can be transferred to the international taxi industry - even if this applies conditionally to some countries, as different structures prevail there.

We have worked out the following questions in detail:

  1. The current situation of the German taxi industry - especially with regard to the Corona pandemic
  2. Measures that the taxi industry can take to ensure the safe transport of passengers
  3. Tasks that the taxi industry as a whole can take on during the crisis
  4. Possible new business areas that the taxi industry in Germany can build up, which are also lucrative beyond the period of the crisis
  5. Period of the critical phase of the epidemic for the taxi industry in Germany
  6. Optimal communication strategy of the taxi industry to communicate its finally realized measures and innovations
  7. Ideas that can also be applied to the international taxi industry and what, if any, the differences are


The NEURONprocessor

The NEURONprocessor software builds a specific brainwave pattern in your brain during use, which enables the optimal mental state for idea development.

The structured approach of the NEURONprocessor method binds the waking consciousness, which gives the right brain hemisphere more space. This leads to a more extensive access to stored (expert) knowledge and an extremely increased intuition.

Because your brain is permanently busy with:

  1. Compliance with the method
  2. Selection (multiple choice)
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking (audio feedback)
  5. Optional sketches (or graphical interaction)

We can understand our right brain hemisphere here as a tool that provides us with information that we otherwise do not get to - or that we do not become aware of because the everyday or waking consciousness is always in front of it.


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