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How? Quite simply: Our neuroactive methodology for idea development & ideation allows for an extremely heightened intuition. This allows aspects to be perceived that are not (or cannot be) grasped in everyday thinking and provides a greatly expanded perspective:

Thus we offer you on our Ideation as a Service Platform " a global team of certified idea developers who effectively solve problems with our neuroactive software - and crowdsource novel concepts, innovations and ideas for you. Like for example for StartUps & Investors ". You can find ideas already developed and adaptable by us under "Ideas & Innovations" ". Our neuroactive software " is available to you and your organization for "self-information".

For questions you can reach our team and me almost anytime via email, phone or chat (bottom right).

Our novel "ideation platform" for innovations, strategies and solutions platform delivers you within 5 days in crowdsourcing, at 80% lower cost, immediately applicable results - embedded in an external perspective - for you or your organization.

We use our platform ourselves for our own projects. You can find the resulting ideas for inspiration and adaptation in our constantly growing ideas database of novel and forward-looking ideas for all areas of life, research and business.

You can learn the method used on our platform to develop resonance-based ideas and solutions yourself with your brain in a "hyperintuitive" state: Become a professional idea developer with our neuroactive NEURONprocessor software.

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Our 2021 - we ask our future

Together with all of us, we are developing a universal strategy for the future for all of us - as a joint departure into the coming years from 2021 ...

Our 2021 - our joint strategy for the future is ready to go


Together with all of us, we want to develop a universal strategy for the future for all of us: "Our 2021" - as a joint departure into the coming years!

A positive view of startups in crisis

Most startups have taken the necessary measures and done their homework during the crisis. If not, it is high time to make sure that the train has not left the station. Those who are not yet optimally aligned should get on the right track now ...

Small 1×1 of crisis management for startups

Crisis management: In many areas, startups can - and should - do more than before to better identify and work out the change and development opportunities they contain for the post-crisis period.




For the optimal expansion of one's own or an organization's internal perspective (internal view) and the development of external approaches to solutions (crowdsourcing).

Our ideation is fast, cost-effective, immediately applicable, is provided in an optimal mental state for idea development and has a scientific foundation. Successful customer projects prove this.