Our brain is capable of fantastic feats!

How about access to additional levels of information?

Neuroactive Idea Development & Hyperintuitive Creativity with the NEURONprocessor

With our neuroactive software "NEURONprocessor" we help you and your organization to use extended information levels easily - for best possible solutions, concepts, strategies, ideas and focused creative flow:

The NEURONprocessor in detail:

"The magic of 3"

3 short steps to your very best concepts, strategies, solutions, products ... ideas - and focused creative flow -. in a short time:

  • 1
    Describe your needed information in a list of questions.
  • 2
    Neuroactive Software:
    Use the optimal mental state for your idea development and ideation.
  • 3
    You will have your results available for immediate implementation in no time.

3 unbeatable advantages our neuroactiveN method for you

1. Fast through effective and structured processes.

2. Favorable due to low time and financial investment.

3. Immediately applicable and connectable results & solutions to problems.

There are far more than 3 successful projects with the NEURONprocessor

Problem solving
Your project?

Productivity increased

At a customer with over 5000 employees, communication was often unspecific and misdirected: We developed an adaptive steering and control system to direct inquiries to the right addressees in an increasingly transparent manner.

Media Digital

Concept for Recuiting 2.0 developed

A client from the financial sector had massive problems in recruiting new staff: In a very short time, we delivered a coherent concept that helped the client to find suitable applicants and more new hires.

3D Illustration Of A Black And Yellow Mechanical Robot Bee

Technical problem solved

A high-tech company that also produces for Formula 1 had a time-critical manufacturing problem: We showed that a vibration caused the adhesive used to tear off - due to a transversely acting tensile force.

What can we do for you or your organization?

Just take CONTACT " with us on ...

3 unique featuresthat only we offer you

1. You use the optimal mental state of your brain for idea development and ideation.

2. You reach as Idea developer " maximum to your stored memory contents.

3. You use your extremely heightened intuition as an idea developer, which allows you to perceive aspects that are not (can not) be perceived in your everyday thinking. Alternatively you order our team "

Use 3 levels of information instead of just one

1. Your previous or everyday way of seeing and thinking, with the solutions that emerged from this.

+ 2. Your extended information and solution approaches gained through the NEURONprocessor.

= 3. Your resulting - merged - more comprehensive level of information, as a basis for implementing your very best concepts, strategies, solutions, products ... ideas.

3 scientific principles the NEURONprocessor function

1. The neuroactive NEURONprocessor software builds a specific brainwave pattern during use, which enables the optimal mental state for idea development.

2. The structured approach of the NEURONprocessor method binds the waking consciousness, which gives the right brain hemisphere more space. This leads to a more extensive access to stored (expert) knowledge and an extremely increased intuition.

3. We can understand our right brain hemisphere here as a tool that provides us with information that we otherwise do not get - or that we do not become aware of because the everyday or waking consciousness is always in front of it.

3 arguments, why it is worthwhileto always include the NEURONprocessor:

The NEURONprocessor provides you with the red thread in information complexity.

365° THINK:
The NEURONprocessor enables you to consider what you have not considered.

The NEURONprocessor makes the invisible visible to you.

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