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to gain information that lies outside of ones established / programmed patterns of thought and perception in everyday life. Thus, the NEURONprocessor conquers established linear thinking - and provides an expanded access to the brain, while increasing intuition.


Brief description

The NEURONprocessor software builds a specific brainwave pattern while in use, which enables the optimal mental state for idea development.


The structured approach of the NEURONprocessor method binds the waking consciousness, which gives the right brain hemisphere more space. This leads to a more extensive access to stored (expert) knowledge and an extremely increased intuition.

This is because our brain is permanently busy with:

  1. Compliance with the method
  2. Selection (multiple choice)
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking (audio feedback)
  5. Optional sketches (or graphical interaction)


We can consider our right brain hemisphere in this context as a tool that provides us with information that we would otherwise not be able to access - or that we would not become aware of because our everyday respectively waking consciousness is always in front of it.

For higher value:

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From our daily thinking, our brain filters out high value ideas & information, discards them and stores them unconsciously for us.

Mathematically considered in 99 out of 100 cases.

With our NEURONprocessor software & methodology we offer maximum access to these unconsciously stored memory contents, while simultaneously increasing intuition.

The results go far beyond the possibilities of currently available idea generation and creativity techniques.

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Advantages & Comparison

The key advantages over other creativity techniques - such as design thinking, etc. are:

  1. Optimal state of consciousness
  2. Pinpoint results
  3. Low team & time expenditure

In everyday thinking and workshops, we are limited in idea generation by our established thought patterns and non-optimal states of consciousness (stress levels). In addition, creativity techniques have methodological weaknesses in their processes - and thus in their results.

In our differentiated comparison of the NEURONprocessor to selected method parts we assume an ideal-typical NEURONprocessor IDEAS developer (solver), who is maximally suited to think creatively through the application of the software (protocol), is imaginative and ultimately thinks optimally associatively. It is therefore ideally suited for the development and production phase in idea processes.

Creativity techniques with a focus on changing perspectives guide the participants to slip into different roles.

  1. This is so important because it establishes a stable foundation for later association.
  2. In the NEURONprocessor application, this happens purposefully via intuitive associations. The above-mentioned methods imply certain perspectives that do not necessarily produce goal-directed associations later on.
  3. Their results are also influenced - similar to brainstorming methods - by the environmental factors mentioned above and by the personality traits of the respective participants in the method. Most methods finally lead to a discussion and / or evaluation round, which is often as subjective as unanalytical and a selection of the relevant information is difficult here. In contrast, the results of a NEURONprocessor-based IDEAS development represent a focused substrate of relevant information that can be further processed in a standardized manner in the later analysis phase.
  4. In short, "it's all in the right attitude!"

Creativity techniques with a focus on brainstorming guide participants to make a topic-based association.

  1. The richness of information is the first priority here. However, in some cases, the optimal information may be contained in the mass.
  2. This richness and its quality are mostly dependent on a good mix of participant personalities. A further limitation can occur by associating in the wrong direction. However, positive participant feedback can also be expected. Adequately, in the analysis phase of the NEURONprocessor application the results of the individual idea developers are merged in a standardized way.
  3. Prior to this, association to the relevant responses occurs in the important, final production phase of the method. Here, adherence to the protocol has led to the attainment of optimal mental performance. Above-mentioned methods are designed for absolutely free association, produce many ideas - but at the same time many irrelevant.
  4. Their results are also influenced by the above-mentioned environmental factors and the personality traits of the respective participants in the method - similar to perspective change methods. Most methods similar to brainstorming also end up in a discussion and/or evaluation round, which is often as subjective as it is unanalytical, making it difficult to select the relevant information. In contrast, the results of the NEURONprocessor method represent a focused substrate of relevant information that can be further processed in a standardized manner in the later analysis phase.
  5. In short, "the right content is what matters."

Combined creativity techniques, such as efficiently executed design thinking, carry the strengths and weaknesses of the above methods.

  1. The steps of the ideal-typical design thinking process do not necessarily have to be run through one after the other. Jumping back and forth to other phases at any point in time is entirely desirable.
  2. Here, the focus is on an often time-consuming iterative approach including multiple prototyping and testing. In this way, design thinking produces results that are very well aligned with the target group. The complete NEURONprocessor application - including the preparation of the optimal information - requires only a fraction of this time.
  3. In contrast to the NEURONprocessor application, large human resources are ultimately tied up in the design thinking process.
  4. In short, "it's the right method that matters."

With the NEURONprocessor we bypass the established thinking and perception - and focus freely and directly on the required answers from the specific questionnaire of an ideation project.

  1. The neurological correlate is measurable in a firing on all frequency bands - especially in the right brain hemisphere.
  2. The resulting results are immediately validatable by the customer. They lie in the one solution space that is derived from the resources and the possibilities of the customer - in combination with the spirit of the times. Strictly speaking, this solution space is already available from the moment the task and questionnaire of a NEURONprocessing Ideation are finally defined. Because all required and concerned aspects unite in this solution space (solution point). 

Other reasons

Easy to use

With the NEURONprocessor you increase the access to your 99% unconscious memory content - simply inside your browser!

Increased intuition

Your perception & intuition will be greatly increased dynamically while using the NEURONprocessor - as well as your everyday intuitions will become more reliable and occur more often.

Idea generation & more!

With the NEURONprocessor you develop groundbreaking ideas & much more ... in less time!

Far-reaching results in significantly less time!

We enable you with the NEURONprocessor to develop ideas in the ideal mental state of your brain for this purpose. This state is achieved by building a specific brain frequency pattern:


Stressed state

Let us consider a somewhat stressed person:

His brain waves will be dominated by beta waves, and the left hemisphere will be busier than the right hemisphere.
His “ready to fight attitude” is likely to favor simple decisions that come with two to three facts.
He is not capable of solving complex tasks or producing creative ideas in this state....


Normal state

Let's take a look at the normal state of a person - who pays a little attention to their diet, sleep and fitness:

This person should show brain waves in the range of alpha and beta waves in his EEG. These are distributed almost in a 50:50 ratio over both hemispheres of the brain.
He appears mentally stable on the outside and is capable of solving smaller complex tasks.

From time to time, a flash of inspiration or an intuitive decision even lead him to his goal more efficiently.


Creative state

A user of brainstorming and creativity techniques has the best prerequisites:

This person is capable of associative thinking. That is, he has the learned or innate ability to produce abundant thoughts on a question, and then analyze the data obtained.

During the production phase of a brainstorming session, alpha and theta waves are therefore mostly present in the EEG. In the analysis phase, beta waves predominate. Each individual creativity technique involves a certain procedure, but a change in the brain waves is not the focus.


Optimal state

In contrast to the common approaches described above, the NEURONprocessor application is intended to create a special mental state or a special brainwave pattern.

This aims at maximum access to the brain and intuitive information.

Two things are characteristic for this pattern:

  1. In the left hemisphere, only a small number of beta waves are present, which is characteristic for a low analysis tendency.
  2. In the right hemisphere, on the other hand, there is a high level of activity across all frequency bands.


The NEURONprocessor user appears outwardly relaxed but concentrated.

Finally, this enables him to access information that he was previously not aware of or unaware of.

The application provides you with:

1. An expanded access to your deeply buried expert knowledge that is difficult to access through established thought pathways in your everyday life.

2. an extremely increased intuition through maximum resonance - i.e. the greatest possible intuitive proximity - with the respective project topic. The resulting ideas are not arbitrary as with other creativity techniques, but highly relevant, coherent and therefore immediately implementable."

How can I use the NEURONprocessor methodically
or integrate it into my organization?

Step 1 - Create project:

A NEURONprocessor Ideation Project - can be organized by you alone, with your team or with our user community. First, the desired project goal is formulated. For this purpose a template is created, which contains all relevant questions. In the second step, the development of this template provides all the essential information needed for an immediately applicable concept or solution approach.

Step 2 - "brain missions":

On the computer or tablet, the missions you need are carried out with the NEURONprocessor. This now enables every idea developer the permanent, intuitive perception of extensive information, with maximum access to his brain! This is achieved by a specific brain frequency pattern induced by our software. With the completion of the mission(s), extensive information is available, which is focused on the individual queries of the template.

Step 3 - Analysis & integration of the results:

Finally, you evaluate your mission(s) and immediately apply the results to your underlying project.

For more complex projects with multiple missions, you or your team can perform an analysis - in the same way as in our Ideation projects. Here, the overlapping information (information clusters) are worked out. These represent the most valuable ideas and aspects that were not previously visible in everyday life. The same applies to the identification of obstacles and their overcoming in the further development. All results are then integrated into the respective projects using your usual tools and processes. These in turn can now be implemented faster, more effectively and with higher quality - and can be unique to revolutionary.  

Optionally helps our NEURONpublisher to spread your ideas worldwide.

What our users say ...

NEURONprocessor in management
"By using the NEURONprocessor, I no longer have the problem of going in circles when I need to make a decision."
Hendrik B.
Managing Director
NEURONprocessor in architecture
"The NEURONprocessor has become a tool for me to get more out of my brain: Information that otherwise doesn't really come through in the hustle and bustle of everyday life."
Karin B.
NEURONprocessor in science
"I use the NEURONprocessor with my development team to overcome thought blocks and development hurdles. Since then, everything runs much more smoothly."
Dirk R.
Research Director

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UPDATE: We are extending the submission of questions for our collective future strategy "Our 2021" until February 22. The goal is to develop a path out of the crisis for our collective future, which we shape autonomously as people and companies.
NEURONprocessor Update 3.9.6
The most important new feature is a new export function that allows you to export missions directly in a MindMap compatible format. The update also brings optimized companion audio.


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