Formation of the FUTURE

"With our blueprint on learning spaces we draw an innovative approach to education of the future. The idea of learning spaces emerged from our education project 'Optimal Digital Learning During and Beyond the Crisis'."
Thomas Tankiewicz
Journalist & Initiator
Co-founder NEURONprocessing

Idea development for the education sector in the context of the current Corona crisis

Quick recap:

The current Corona crisis is affecting the education sector differently - depending on how far the respective institution is in its e-learning implementation. The task now is to actively and strategically shape this crisis and change with a view to the future.

As of today, we will start publishing our results on the following questions on a daily basis. We have realized these as part of our optimized idea development (ideation) for crisis management and innovative future orientation. Further information is available on request or in the following interview.


We have worked out the following questions in detail:

  1. The current situation of digital learning for German schools and educational institutions in the context of the Corona pandemic:
  2. What measures can German schools and educational institutions take to keep education running in the short term?
  3. Optimal tools, concepts and structures that the schools and educational institutions in Germany can build that will have a promising future beyond the crisis:
  4. What tasks can German schools and educational institutions take on in the crisis outside their core activities?
  5. Possible period of the critical phase of the epidemic for German schools and educational institutions in Germany:
  6. Can the ideas also be transferred to the international school and education sector and what are the differences, if any:
  7. What role or function can learning and publishing platforms take in the context of this project:
  8. To what extent can the latest findings on learning itself, be optimally applied in the context of this project:


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The optimal strategy for crisis management


High-quality ideas, solutions, innovations and strategies to expand required approaches and possibilities for action - with the goal of "using crises also as opportunities".

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