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Our 2021 - we ask our future

Together with all of us, we are developing a universal strategy for the future for all of us - as a joint departure into the coming years from 2021 ...

Our 2021 - our joint strategy for the future is ready to go


Together with all of us, we want to develop a universal strategy for the future for all of us: "Our 2021" - as a joint departure into the coming years!

A positive view of startups in crisis

Most startups have taken the necessary measures and done their homework during the crisis. If not, it is high time to make sure that the train has not left the station. Those who are not yet optimally aligned should get on the right track now ...

Small 1×1 of crisis management for startups

Crisis management: In many areas, startups can - and should - do more than before to better identify and work out the change and development opportunities they contain for the post-crisis period.

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For the optimal expansion of one's own or an organization's internal perspective (internal view) and the development of external approaches to solutions (crowdsourcing).

Our ideation is fast, cost-effective, immediately applicable, is provided in an optimal mental state for idea development and has a scientific foundation. Successful customer projects prove this.

New ideas for the


Innovation Update Aviation #1

Our first "Innovation Update Aviation" - with three extraordinary ideas for new business areas for airlines.

How airlines will take off into the profit zone again in the future with necessary innovations and fresh ideas

Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for airlines, airport operators and aircraft manufacturers

9. international application of novel and innovative ideas for aviation and airlines beyond the crisis

The ideas developed by NEURONprocessing in an ideation project can basically be implemented worldwide with country-specific adaptations.

8. helping ideas and new business areas for airport operators that are lucrative beyond the crisis

In the long term, it will be worthwhile for airport operators to expand their experience and shopping offerings to include those from the education and health sectors.

IDEENentwickler werden
NEURONprocessor Software

Become an IDEA developer

Your idea development in the optimal mental state simply starts with a first project in our research-based NEURONprocessor idea development software.
It is best for an organisation to build up its own IDEATION team or IDEAS developer department - and thus increase its own future viability.
New ideas for the

Education and research

1. the current situation of digital learning for German schools and educational institutions in the context of the Corona pandemic

Germany can use the less than optimal situation in digital education during the crisis as an opportunity to be in a much better position in the future.

2. what measures can German schools and educational institutions take to maintain education in the short term?

In principle, schools etc. can continue to work as before during the crisis. At the same time, future-proof learning platforms must be set up and expanded.

3. future-oriented optimal tools, concepts and structures for schools and educational institutions beyond the crisis

After the improvised maintenance of educational operations during the crisis, the task now is to develop solutions and learning portals for the future.

4. ideas for schools and educational institutions on tasks outside their core activity during the crisis

In keywords: increase media literacy, push digital learning, cooperation & communication, teams with school authorities, canteen home delivery, ...

Examples for our ideation in problem solving



At a customer with well over 5000 employees, external and internal communication was often very unspecific and misdirected. In other words, the wrong addressee received the wrong message. This led to frustration and demotivation of all those involved, as well as the half-hearted completion of the respective tasks.

Our ideation experts processed the questionnaire created during the briefing with the customer using the NEURONprocessor.

Based on the results, we developed an adaptive steering and control system in order to direct specified requests to the right addressees in an increasingly transparent manner.

The results:

  1. Increase in employee satisfaction
  2. Increase in productivity


A client from the financial sector had massive problems in recruiting new staff. There were various reasons for this, such as the image of the industry, working hours and much more.

After a short briefing with the customer, we created a questionnaire that addressed the solution to the problem. The processing was done by our ideation experts with the NEURONprocessor.

After a very short time, we delivered a coherent concept that helped the customer to more applicants and more new hires. And, of course, with the client's existing resources.



Let's look at an economic example of a NEURONprocessing ideation:

  • The problem was that customers of a financial company were disregarding your correspondences - even though the ongoing disregard was accompanied by ever-increasing costs to you.
  • This resulted in the following task after the briefing with our client: Development of a solution to increase the attention and the earliest possible reaction of the customers in order to increase the revenue of the company.


Our ideation process delivered the following solution:

  • The customer did not understand the company's "text deserts" with their "technical jargon". A communications designer was brought in to graphically illustrate the ever-increasing costs - with continued non-response to the cover letters - using a cost curve.
  • Furthermore, the image of our client was transformed into a helper whose employees always find a solution for the customer. The response rate increased to 70 %.


Let's look at the example of a technical NEURONprocessing ideation here:

  • A high-tech company that also produces for Formula 1 had a time-critical manufacturing problem. Two specially connected components always tore apart at a certain point during stress tests.
  • The briefing with the customer led to the following task: what is the problem, why does the fault always occur in the same place - and how can the problem be fundamentally eliminated in terms of production technology?


Our ideation process delivered the following solution:

  • A vibration caused the adhesive used to tear off - possibly due to a transversely acting tensile force.
  • To prevent this, the carbon fibre component had to be baked for longer at a lower temperature, the adhesive diluted and injected with more pressure - if necessary even in a rotating motion to ensure a more even distribution of the adhesive.
The video channel for our ideas for the future
"We present novel & feasible ideas for our holistic and collective future with Ideas for Future."
Hierbei sind unsere Gehirnwellen-Muster der Schlüssel zum Verständnis ...
Here, our brainwave patterns are the key to understanding ...
... since our respective state of consciousness significantly influences the depth of our access to information:


Stressed state

Let us consider a somewhat stressed person:

His brain waves will be dominated by beta waves, and the left hemisphere will be busier than the right hemisphere.
His have-eight-fight attitude is likely to favor simple decisions that come with two to three facts.
He is not capable of solving complex tasks or producing creative ideas in this state....


Normal state

Let's take a look at the normal state of a person - who pays a little attention to their diet, sleep and fitness:

In this person, the EEG should show brain waves in the range of alpha and beta waves. These are almost 50:50 distributed over both hemispheres of the brain.
He appears outwardly mentally stable and capable of solving minor complex tasks.

Every now and then, a flash of inspiration or an intuitive decision even leads him to his goal more efficiently.


Creative state

A user of brainstorming and creativity techniques has the best prerequisites:

This person is capable of associative thinking. That is, he has the learned or innate ability to produce abundant thoughts on a question, and then analyze the data obtained.

During the production phase of a brainstorming session, alpha and theta waves are therefore mostly present in the EEG. In the analysis phase, beta waves predominate. Each individual creativity technique involves a certain procedure, but a change in the brain waves is not the focus.


Optimal state

In contrast to the common approaches described above, the NEURONprocessor application is intended to create a special mental state or a special brainwave pattern.

This aims at maximum access to the brain and intuitive information.

Two things are characteristic of this pattern:

  1. In the left hemisphere of the brain, only a small number of beta waves are present, which is characteristic of a low analysis tendency.
  2. In the right hemisphere, on the other hand, there is a high level of activity across all frequency bands.


The NEURONprocessor user appears outwardly relaxed but concentrated.

Finally, it enables him to access information that he was previously unaware of or unaware of.