Fair and easy publishing, sharing and selling of IDEAS, knowledge, learning content, solutions and concepts.

You are author, publisher, reader, teacher and learner all in one

To make his knowledge or new NEURONprocessor ideas and concepts available worldwide, they are published via the NEURONpublisher.

And this is in the form of eBooks, interactive online books or educational content with flashcards, note taking, etc..

These are sold free of charge or with 90% margin via the NEURONpublisher Store " offered and sold worldwide.

NEURONpublisher is the only solution with web-based software for authors and reading apps for browsers, tablets and smartphones - plus HTML & PDF export and eBooks in self-distribution or via eBook stores.

NEURONpublisher is freely available for personal use and you can just get started with it:

New ideas


Scientific work

Learning materials


eLearning courses



New concepts ...

The NEURONpublisher is an authoring tool, reading and learning platform in one.

It allows us to publish and share all that is in our brains: team, clients, courses, classes, world, ...

Other reasons

Easy to use

NEURONpublisher is used to create engaging and powerful online books, eLearning courses and eBooks.

Multiple authors

You can publish under any number of author names or pseudonyms for yourself or as a publisher.

A new market

For authors of: Expertise, books, scientific papers, training materials, learning content, theses, ... .

Advantages for teachers

Advantages for educational institutions


NEURONpublisher Author:

Writing and organizing its content in multimedia online books.

The NEURONpublisher author provides all the necessary tools to prepare his content and publish it in the NEURONpublisher Store " publishing. Compared to static websites, blogs, eBooks and printed books, you can change and expand your content on a daily basis, which is immediately displayed to the reader.


Adoption of ideas and ideation results developed in the NEURONprocessor!

Authors Features:

Give his content headings and sort them according to his requirements at any time.

Rewrite text or import from Word, Pages and any source where you have text.

Linking content together to make connections.

Use of note function for his work notes and to do lists.

Import graphics and images and access them at any time when designing your content.

Integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos, webinar recordings, tutorials, etc. via Video ID.

Unlocking content only after it is completed or making it invisible again when you revise it.

Export finished content as a web page, for eBook publishing or for printing as a book. An app based on content is also optionally possible.

NEURONpublisher Store:

Publish your own content as your own publisher at any time.

With just one click you can publish your content worldwide in the NEURONpublisher Store. You decide freely on the sales price - from free to ... €. You only share 10% with us for the operation, further development and marketing of NEURONpublisher.


Private sharing of content within the team: clients, courses, classes, etc.

This is how simple the NEURONpublisher Store works:

Reading Features:

You are not subject to any restrictions in your sales price and no obligation to exclusivity of your content with the NEURONpublisher.

We're also fair when it comes to author fees, paying out 90% of the revenue - immediately as it happens, rather than weeks later in conjunction with complicated billing.

You just write a short description and define the content that should be included in the sample. Then you define a price yourself and release your content for sale - unless you want to provide it for free.

Similar to YouTube, you use a link to promote your NEURONpublisher content on your website or social media channels (FaceBook, Twitter, ...).

Free & Premium Access

Register for free or book premium


0 Annual
  • 250 MB storage space for your own: graphics and images
  • Online books
  • 90% immediate payout in case of a successful sale
  • For personal benefit and community projects
  • Use of all standard templates of the NEURONprocessor


99 Annual
  • 1 GB storage space for your own: graphics, images + export files
  • + Export to: PDF, HTML & ePUB
  • 90% immediate payout in case of a successful sale
  • + Use of the team function of the NEURONprocessor
  • + Use of all premium templates of the NEURONprocessor

What our users say ...

I use NEURONpublisher as another sales channel besides my books and ebooks. I would prefer to sell only through here, as I have 90% margin!
Erika S.
As a coach working throughout Europe, I have finally found a platform with NEURONpublisher that allows me to make my standard content available to my trainees and to acquire new customers through sales in the NEURONpublisher Store.
Christoph K.
Trainer & Coach
With the NEURONpublisher we have the possibility to provide the fanbase of our worldwide online game always with the current books of the game, because changes or additions are immediately available ... And the whole thing even free of charge for all of us.
John S.
community manager

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The NEURONprocessor

The NEURONprocessor software builds a specific brainwave pattern in your brain during use, which enables the optimal mental state for idea development.

The structured approach of the NEURONprocessor method binds the waking consciousness, which gives the right brain hemisphere more space. This leads to a more extensive access to stored (expert) knowledge and an extremely increased intuition.

Because your brain is permanently busy with:

  1. Compliance with the method
  2. Selection (multiple choice)
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking (audio feedback)
  5. Optional sketches (or graphical interaction)

We can understand our right brain hemisphere here as a tool that provides us with information that we otherwise do not get to - or that we do not become aware of because the everyday or waking consciousness is always in front of it.


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