1. the current situation of airlines in the context of the Corona pandemic

In this part of our project "Ideas for international airlines during and beyond the crisis". is about the question "What is the current situation of the airlines in the context of the Corona pandemic".


Hardly any other industry has been so visibly affected by the ongoing Corona pandemic as the airline industry. International air traffic came to a virtual standstill from one day to the next. The industry, which used to see over 100,000 aircraft movements a day worldwide, carrying vacationers, business people, commuters and cargo, is literally at a standstill. Even the effects of September 11 and the global economic crisis around 2009 on air traffic seem negligible in comparison.

Only the most necessary flights are currently being made, for example to bring people back to their home countries and, of course, cargo traffic, which has taken on a new significance as a result of the crisis. If you look at the sky these days, contrails have become a rarity. But the silence is deceptive. In the background, commercial airlines are working feverishly to relaunch or revitalize air traffic, so that as soon as possible they can once again bring passengers to their destinations safely and soundly in regular service - and connect the world.

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