Employees in the aviation industry in times of crisis

Many employees in the aviation industry like the current 'forced leave' at the beginning. However, this is not a more sustainable and satisfactory situation for them in the long term. Within the aviation industry there is a high degree of identification of the

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Educational and sightseeing flights

Original post dated 2020-05-25: Educational and Sightseeing Flights Interested industries and companies can become active sponsors of educational and sightseeing flights for school and college classes, for example. With these

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Flying on Demand

Original article from 25.05.2020: Flying on Demand "Flying on Demand" offers a new and particularly favorable way of traveling for passengers. With this concept, certain

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Crisis as an opportunity for airlines

The current crisis and the associated requirements are forcing the airlines to develop innovative solutions in a timely manner, which under normal circumstances would probably remain in the drawers of the companies for years.

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Airlines as transmitters of viruses

The airlines are increasingly in the public eye in the context of the crisis. Many passengers can't wait for flight operations to return to normal as quickly as possible so that they can enjoy their

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Airlines struggle for solutions

The airlines are currently trying to avert the greatest possible damage and are struggling behind the scenes to find solutions. The public is getting virtually no information about the extensive measures being taken in the

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Lufthansa's reaction to the crisis

We would be very surprised if Deutsche Lufthansa has not yet set up a special task force - irrespective of the government subsidy that has been promised - to ensure that the company is optimally

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Airline responses to the crisis

Only a few companies allow themselves in this critical time to deviate from the originally planned course, which they outlined before the crisis, and in doing so to let go of the 'old familiar' or even to take the leap.

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Protect renowned airlines

When looking at the current news concerning the airlines, it becomes apparent that the aim is to protect especially the national carriers (airlines) by means of state funds or by further state participation.

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Standard protective measures for airlines

Of course, the airlines are already working at full speed to enable a gradual increase in flight operations again. To this end, the current technologies and measures known from medical technology must be configured accordingly

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