Inhuman social centrifugal forces through corona inoculations

At present, an overall social problem is emerging that is already developing ever greater centrifugal forces and could lead to a social divide. This must be avoided. For this purpose we propose the following project, which will be realized by a responsible organization or foundation in cooperation with us.


With the onset of Corona vaccinations, we have a total of the following diverse groups of people in our society:

  1. Acutely ill (including vaccination opponents).
  2. People recovered from Corona (including vaccination opponents).
  3. People vaccinated against Corona who are yet to receive the second vaccination and must wait approximately 30 days for full vaccine protection to occur.
  4. People vaccinated against Corona.
  5. People without immune status.
  6. People without vaccinations.
  7. People who see no need for vaccination because they fundamentally question a pandemic.
  8. People who don't want to get vaccinated because of the insecurities and concerns that come with it.
  9. Traditional and new opponents of vaccination, who cite negative aspects of vaccination - possibly rightly so.
  10. Vaccinated people who will suffer or even die from the as yet unassessable consequences of vaccination.


We need to develop a strategy for reconciling these different groups in relation to an overall societal goal without creating further centrifugal forces.

This leads to the following questions.



  1. What should be the optimal strategy for society as a whole to end the defined pandemic?
  2. What can a strategy for society as a whole look like to bring the defined groups into a coordinated coexistence?
  3. How can the available - sometimes controversial - scientific data be processed so that they find the broadest possible acceptance in society?
  4. How can maximum safety and transparency be achieved in the vaccines used with regard to feared consequential damage or side effects in order to achieve maximum acceptance in society?
  5. What should an optimal vaccination strategy look like in order to achieve maximum acceptance in society?
  6. If someone has been vaccinated or has gone through the disease, are they still subject to the general restrictions?
  7. What role do the already - or soon - available treatments or drugs play in the above scenario. This option is already forcing its way into the public consciousness.


We are in a position - especially in crisis situations - to show those responsible and those affected an expanded spectrum of action. Our goal is to minimize specific negative effects of crises - but also to understand them as an opportunity for change and further development. To this end, we have already developed many freely available concepts and ideas for different sectors and topics during the crisis via our Initiative Counter-Crisis-Ideation developed.

NEURONprocessing is the most efficient* method for creativity and ideation for strategy, concept and solution development.

The basic information about our method can be found on our website with numerous examples and customer references.

The costs for the project outlined by us would amount to approx. 16.000,- €. The results would be available within 10 days. The questionnaire we defined can be modified in principle.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Salamon or me - e.g. via our chat at the bottom right.

With hopeful greetings for our future
Thomas Tankiewicz

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