We ask our future

Life after 2021 - we question our future

After an alienating 2020 and 2021, we have launched an initiative to stop letting our lives be dictated by the crisis and its drivers. To this end, we are simply taking our lives collectively into our own hands by launching a new kind of future strategy: for all those who want to take new paths - and for a joint departure into the coming years from the year 2021 ... into our future!

Therefore, we received questions from many interested people in advance and combined them into a questionnaire.

The result is a universal strategy for the future made up of various building blocks, as a starting point for each individual and all of us:

"Life" - as a common departure into the coming years - out of "Our 2021" ...


Our 2021 - our joint strategy for the future is ready to go

After an alienating 2020 and 2021, we have launched an initiative to collectively take charge of addressing the ongoing crisis situation:

Together with all of us we want to develop a universal future strategy for us all develop: "Our 2021" - as a joint departure into the coming years!


Our 2021 - our joint strategy for the future

UPDATE: We are extending the submission of questions for our collective future strategy "Our 2021" until February 22. The goal is to develop a path out of the crisis for our collective future, which we shape autonomously as people and companies.


After an alienating 2020, we would like to launch an initiative to collectively take the management of the ongoing crisis situation into our own hands:

Together with you, we want to develop a universal strategy for the future for all of us: "Our 2021"!


Inhuman social centrifugal forces through corona inoculations

At present, an overall social problem is emerging that is already developing ever greater centrifugal forces and could lead to a social divide. This must be avoided. For this purpose we propose the following project, which will be realized by a responsible organization or foundation in cooperation with us.


NEURONprocessor Procedure

The NEURONprocessor mission sequence

Each "NEURONprocessor Mission" follows the same flow chart:

From the general to the specific

The NEURONprocessor processes are unusual and should be! Because the NEURONprocessor maps a process from the general to the specific: from archetypes in stage 1 and sensory information in stage 2 - to increasingly detailed and concrete information in stage 6.


Levels 1 to 4: Structure of the special NEURONprocessor brain frequencies

In the first 4 stages we occupy our brain with such basic building blocks of our perception that it hardly gets any reason to reflect on them. And should it nevertheless do so, we store this information separately.

In parallel, our brain is busy following and adhering to the specifications of the NEURONprocessor under time pressure. As a result, we bring the brain into a different state than in normal thought processes. We explain this state using deep EEG measurements in the theory section. If you want to know more about the scientific background and the methodology of the NEURONprocessor - in connection with concrete examples - then listen to the following GEHIRNfutter podcast episode: GF-0008 | Brain Hacking - Sensing and optimizing developments ahead with brain technology.


Step 6: Holding and using the special NEURONprocessor brain frequencies

In sum, this leads to the fact that we have reached the optimal state in stage 6. in this state we access our brain much deeper and broader than in our everyday consciousness. Here the required information is worked out in the core and in detail.


Here's what's extremely important:

Extremely important here is that we write out all the information that enters our head during a mission, also to 100% in the manner described here! Otherwise it comes to falsifications of the information or even to the standstill of the information flow. 

Everything that you tick or write out, you must also say in parallel. You can also do this quietly for yourself (murmur). This is so important so that you give your brain an auditory feedback (hearing).


The controls of the software for a mission

LINKS: Specifications and selections


In essence, the NEURONprocessor is structured in such a way that we are always shown specifications and selections for processing on the left-hand side. For example, in level 1 archetypes and their information components or in level 2 the sensory data.

RIGHT: (Additional) Information & Own Shares for Information Clusters


The information ascending in us is written out in the form of information clusters in the "(Additional) Information & Own Shares" field, which is always on the right-hand side:

+ Here, a cluster is started with a "+".

- A subitem is indented: arrow pointing diagonally downwards to the right.

- A sub-item deepening the preceding sub-item is indented further: arrow pointing diagonally downwards to the right.

- Etc.

- A new subitem on the first level is indented to the front: arrow pointing diagonally downwards to the left.

Use to change the position of the indentation at any time, and "drag and release" to move the cluster up and down as desired.


+ computer

- like some kind of automation

- practical implementation

- machine

- how a clearly defined procedure

+ A technical component that helps to map processes 

- Software]

+ interesting



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Our "NEURONprocessing" StartUp has also successfully completed the 3rd week. This week there were - besides the further development and completion in all areas - also some hard nuts to crack.

We worked on refining our trend & forecast application for future developments and held our first founder meeting - after all, transparency and regular communication is the be-all and end-all for good success ;-)

We also got further with our workshop "In 5 days to the finished product approach". We have problems presenting content visually and relationally with DevonThink - who knows a solution? Our USP stands: "Ideation as a service - the smartest way to develop ideas!"

Of course, we couldn't miss the weekly conference of our core team of idea developers for the purpose of coordinating ongoing projects. The weekend brought us - despite the sun - a lot of paperwork that had been left behind in the pre-foundation phase ... thats "Gründer-Live" ...

To be read here in 280 characters for each day:



Our "NEURONprocessing" StartUp has now successfully completed the second week. Besides a lot of basic work, there were also some high lights again.

In the HONGKONG STUDIOS we have advanced the development of our joint idea lab for ideation and idea development. Like other founders, we also rely on the new FinTech's as a corporate account - in our case PENTA. "In 5 days to a finished product approach" - our world's UNIQUE workshop - was completed. In the middle of the week our NEURONprocessor software for ideation and idea development received an important update. And then, of course, there was the weekly online conference of our original idea developers.

To be read here in 280 characters for each day:



On 1 March 2019, we successfully founded our new StartUp "NEURONprocessing". There is a long and exciting backstory to this under the same name, but that will be told another time.

After the obligatory celebrations and a weekend of regeneration from those - and the lengthy preparation for the launch - we went live on March 4. Since then, we've simply been telling our story by briefly reporting the essence of each day in 280 characters max.

We consider this the most authentic form of marketing, because we do what we do with a lot of enthusiasm and conviction. And what's better than taking interested people on this fascinating journey ...

So, here now - without further preamble - our first 7 days:


new NEURONprocessing StartUp is launched as a think tank, academy and institute for brain & future research with the following mission

NEURONprocessing StartUp takes off as think tank, academy & institute

To all future shapers,

the time has come - our new NEURONprocessing StartUp is launched as a think tank, academy and institute for brain & future research with the following mission:

"By optimizing the use of our brains & Artificial Intelligence, we are enabling more expansive information gathering for individuals and organizations." More on our homepage "

The application enables new ideas, new knowledge, innovative solutions, previously imperceptible information, future-oriented concepts and products, and so on.

In addition, we research and teach the perception of future developments and their premature realization.

We are proud to make our worldwide unique services available to everyone: from the free use of our Software ", via favourable Starter Courses " and professional Trainings / Coachings "up to the exclusive Think tank projects ". For investors there are novel Options ".

To kick off May, we are offering the following exclusive and limited services:




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