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i4F-2 | IDEAS FOR FUTURE | ElectricMobility of the Future: MEILENSTEIN 2 | The Collective Change

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The handbook for electric mobility of the future

ElectroMobility thought into the future in order to develop it properly from the present.

MEILENSTEIN 2 | The collective change

The solidarity community outlined in the last episode will be an inevitable consequence of the developments that have already been increasingly apparent since 2000. For example, classic, solidarity-based car sharing grew steadily. However, the collective use of vehicles has only really been fuelled by the new sharing concepts since 2010, which have since begun their triumphal march in metropolises worldwide - and not only among the younger generation.

The same applies more recently to collective taxis and driving services, which in turn have led to the first providers of mobility mixes. On short and long journeys, the various new types of mobility - and classic local and long-distance public transport - are flexibly combined with each other. Here, the apps of the respective providers are making it increasingly easy for users to book and coordinate their journeys. In the future, however, the individual services will be better and better integrated with each other thanks to increasingly optimized interfaces.

Over time, people will increasingly realize that we as a collective are much stronger and more powerful than corporations focused solely on profit and market power. Stronger, too, than the short-term goals of politics, which are mostly geared to party political success and correspond to lobby interests.

It is only a matter of time before the classic boundaries between manufacturers and consumers in mobility become blurred and a wide variety of cooperative and collective approaches begin their triumphant march. Starting with the increased involvement of customers in development, through local forms of organization, to global structures that interact with each other through exchange, billing, social scoring, etc....

This will result in a flood of changes and new opportunities in which we as consumers - and also the providers of previous services - can and must completely reorient ourselves.

For example, classic taxi companies see themselves threatened by providers of platform-based, collective concepts. But only an international taxi association will be able to extricate itself from this supposedly existence-threatening situation through a simple strategy: simply embrace these new developments, move with the times and integrate into the new mobility portals. One should also allow passengers to collect points for an energy-climate account with their journeys through clever fleet management. Which brings us to milestone 3.


ElectroMobility of the future - MEILENSTEIN 3 | The Climate Account


If you need help with the implementation of your ideas, want to have new ideas developed - or even want to learn to do this yourself for yourself or in a team - just get in touch with me.


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