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The handbook for electric mobility of the future:

ElectroMobility thought into the future in order to develop it properly from the present.

MEILENSTEIN 10 | Endless energy from space?


Hello to Ideas For Future TV - the show for anyone interested in novel & doable ideas for our collective future.

In our preceding milestones, we have shown only conventional technologies and their future development in a sensible sequence. In our last milestone, we show the futuristic-looking logical end point of our little time travel into the future of electric mobility.

So - here we go ...

The final development starts in the 10th milestone, when we will be able to use space energy - which is available in unlimited amounts. According to quantum physics, space energy is the energy present in "empty space" itself (also called "vacuum" by physics) (according to the definition of the German Association for Space Energy). Far-sighted companies have already started some time ago to get the underlying research underway.

For some, the origin lay in the question of how Nicola Tesla - yes, the very Tesla after whom Elon Musk's eponymous company was named - managed to operate an electric car with such technology back in 1931. And this again 30 years after almost 40% of the cars in the US were already electric - significantly produced by Ford.

Let's not even talk about GM's electric vehicles - which were loved by their owners - that were sent to the scrap press in 2003, even though they were successful. But still, this year also saw the birth of Tesla, which has since overtaken GM as the most valuable American passenger car brand.

Well - our progress has not always been linear. It has also been subject to political and commercial obstacles - which we must now courageously confront in the present ... .



In autumn 2019, at the start of the IAA, we set out to contribute concrete milestones from valid future ideas for the development of electric mobility. And to do so for the free use of all of us - as a guide to step-by-step implementation.

The individual ideas are highly valid because they were generated using a novel ideation or idea development methodology. In this methodology, a team of idea developers uses special software that puts everyone in the optimal mental state for idea development. The resulting ideas presented in the previous milestones were validated via conventional background research and are now described in detail in the further development of our "Handbook on Electric Mobility of the Future".

To start with, we wanted to give an overview - to present our own "roadmap to the future of electric mobility" - which inevitably also goes hand in hand with the energy transition and maximum environmental protection. And all this outside the usual discussion with a forward-looking approach.

Our result combines new ideas and thoughts with existing solutions and developments - and merges them into a clear development line of coordinated milestones. We will publish the further details and already existing practical applications on our channels in 2020 - enriched with interviews with the leading experts in the respective fields.


Wishing you an imaginative new year

Yours Thomas Tankiewicz for Ideas For Future TV


Journalist & Initiator of IDEAS FOR FUTURE

Co-founder of NEURONprocessing - a platform for IDEAS development / IDEATION



"Finally, my own advice: If you want to have new ideas developed within the framework of an ideation - or if you want to learn how to do this yourself in an optimal mental state for yourself or in a team - the reports just come to me.



Further details and already existing practical applications.


►► Presented by Thomas Tankiewicz

►► Link to the playlist "Handbuch zur ElektroMobilität der Zukunft":








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