A positive view of startups in crisis

Most startups have taken the necessary measures and done their homework during the crisis. If not, it is high time to make sure that the train has not left the station. Those who are not already optimally aligned at the outset will also have a hard time after the crisis.

Positive view of the potentials

Those who have already been able to score points during the crisis or have kept their eye on the ball definitely have the potential to achieve great things. Successful startups do not allow themselves to be distracted from the essentials - not even by global crises.

Validate business model

Many startups have reviewed their business models during the crisis. Other startups have failed in this regard. Therefore, a methodical procedure should be used to evaluate one's own company - such as through a Business Model Canvas. If necessary, the review of one's own business model may also result in new business areas that were not seen at all before.

New markets and market gaps for startups

There is further room for maneuver in the case of spontaneously emerging or opening markets. Either you can adapt your portfolio to the current requirements and transfer parts of it to the emerging market niche. Or you dare to jump into the deep end and found a new startup for the respective purpose.

Jumping on the bandwagon

For the startups that have missed the boat, there are definitely opportunities in mergers with successful startups or even established companies from Germany and abroad. This can lead to further growth even after the crisis and new markets can be opened up.

The power of ideas

It seems as if the crisis does not - or has not - prevented startups in general from realizing their ideas. Here, other factors - such as corporate culture, financial structuring, existing networks, etc. - simply play a superior role.


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