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"RV - Remote Viewing", is a mental resonance-based research technique based on findings from brain and perception research. With this you can overcome your everyday programming and use your natural intuition and clairvoyance to gain information about (almost) anything you want.

E.g. information about thingsplaces, persons and events that are outside of yourself! Use this new possibility to be self-informed, crisis-proof and future-proof, through the perception and integration of extended information levels for you, your company, projects, products and services.

On German TV I was already able to provide several proofs of my abilities between 1997 and 2000, based on my very efficient way of application (see video).

Use the access to deeper memory contents and a kind of "hyperintuition" privately, professionally, as an entrepreneur and for organizations of any size. I impart this ability to you or your team (department) in my Remote Viewing Trainings.

Assign me and my teamWe are able to work out information, solutions, concepts, etc. urgently needed by you or your company in the shortest possible time.

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Who is Thomas Tankiewicz?

I am Thomas Tankiewicz and I am the pioneer of Remote Viewing training in German-speaking countries, having imported the method from America in 1996. I am dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness and the future and work with a network of organizations and like-minded people to develop innovative and practical solutions in the form of products and services. One of my favorite techniques is "RV - Remote Viewing", a mental resonance-based research technique, which I was the first to bring to the German-speaking world. In German TV I was able to give several proofs of my abilities already between 1997 and 2000, based on my very efficient way of application. I documented this way of working in my film "Research Experts at Work" in 2002 (see video). I am constantly working on further developing my skills together with my team.

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Extremely expanded perception


Remote Viewing is a "universal vehicle of perception" that frees you from the road maps of your programming. With Remote Viewing you can fathom the vastness above you associatively: How could you ..., what would it take to ..., what could have happened ..., how could this and that be optimized or solved ....


In my training I explain the underlying theory of Remote Viewing and show you the practical application. Afterwards you will be able to use Remote Viewing as a concrete tool in everyday life, whenever you need the extended and deeper access to your brain.

Immediate help

Use my effective idea development for your individual problem and save time and effort compared to other solution approaches 80%. I develop - if necessary together with my team - the best possible solutions, concepts and ideas for you or your company. And that within a few days.

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Private, Professional & Corporate

Accelerate yourself and your projects
With Remote Viewing you develop concepts and solutions that are more far-reaching and better to the point. You can design your projects and developments more effectively and accelerate them strongly.


Scientifically sound
The method is based on a specific frequency pattern in the brain that suppresses analytical processes and allows a much deeper and more associative access to your brain - a kind of resonance-based "hyperintuition".



I enable you to use Remote Viewing practically from the beginning ...

... through simplified templates that offer you an easy start. We start with "training wheels" so to speak ;-) In the course of the training we remove this more and more and I bring you over many different real application areas to use the method professionally, versatile and "hands-free". My co-trainers and supporters support me in this. Guests from the RV scene and graduates of my previous trainings give you insight into their RV work and RV projects. 

In my trainings and courses I explain the underlying theory of the Remote Viewing method and show you the practical application privately, professionally and as an entrepreneur. Afterwards you will be able to use Remote Viewing as a practical tool in everyday life, whenever you need the extended and deeper access to your brain.

Assign me for ...

... urgently needed information within the shortest possible time. Or use the new possibility to order crisis-proof and future-proof information for which you need information, ideas, concepts, solutions, strategies, etc.. Be it for you, your projects or your company.

For an order we need a short briefing as a starting point. A detailed project description is not necessary. Simply write in a few keyword-like sentences the initial situation and the desired objective.



Questions & Answers

I have been a little ahead of the times and have already answered your questions about Remote Viewing. Of course, this is not a prophetic masterpiece, but my experience with the method during the last years, in which I was repeatedly confronted with the questions listed here. So thank your fellow men ;-) who made sure that you already find one or the other suitable answer today.

What are the goals of Thomas Tankiewicz.
"My goal is to use consciousness & futures research constructively in the field of global problems and pragmatic developments. In doing so, it is important to me to establish the applications arising from these developments, on a broad basis in society. Due to the complexity of the topic and the deeper research, I consider all this with much joy and commitment as a kind of life task. As I stand up for this topic with my name, I attach great importance to openness, seriousness, quality and scientificity." - Thomas Tankiewicz -
What is Remote Viewing in a nutshell?
Remote Viewing - is a perception method of "Cognitive Data Research" or intuitive "Attention Management".

Remote Viewing - The basic research on this method of perception was carried out at various research institutions in the world - especially at the "SRI - Stanford Research Institute".

Remote Viewing - fulfills against the background of this original research and development work in theory and practice, the criteria of scientific recognition!

Remote Viewing - has a theoretical explanatory model.

Remote Viewing - The Remote Viewing mode of operation, which formulates the explanatory model, is reproducible and applicable at any place in the world for every human being. Like language, the ability to optimize perception is already innate in every human being and requires no special prerequisite - but must be learned in order to use it effectively.

Remote Viewing - is a method that enables us to systematically develop and apply the innate resources of our brain and mind.

Remote Viewing - Remote Viewing is a learnable and developable natural ability and not an "experience". Remote Viewing is at no time an extrasensory experience, thus no trance and no medial state!

Remote Viewing - is above all an efficient method for the solution of problems. Their solution can be worked out independently of our sense of space & time, i.e. past - present - future.

Remote Viewing - is performed by one or more persons to obtain data about a target. People, places, objects, events, concepts and solutions can be such targets.

Remote Viewing - is a process from the general to the specific through 6 stages of perception.

Remote Viewing - is today a new kind of optimized perception that can be used in everyday life - a kind of sharpening of the senses. This is understood as the targeted use of human consciousness in the search for data in our subconscious and the associated information fields.

Is Remote Viewing scientifically recognized?
Remote Viewing is based on basic research conducted by international research institutions, such as the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, CA. This basic research ran from the early seventies to the mid-nineties. Our own - past and ongoing - research projects in cooperation with other institutes have confirmed the measurability, the functioning and thus the existence of the "Remote Viewing Method". The resulting data have been published over time in the form of scientific studies and doctoral theses.
Can anyone learn Remote Viewing?
Every human being has the ability for Remote Viewing, but it has to be learned like a language in order to be used effectively. Thus, every person can learn and use this method. His calmness, balance and perseverance decide how far the student will develop his potential.

Any person, equipped with pen and paper, and mind, can successfully learn Remote Viewing. One does not need to master any already trained or existing skills. The structured Remote Viewing protocols allow any person to use their own natural abilities. The Remote Viewing trainings are designed so that you can study on your own. No monitor (guides a Remote Viewing expert through a work session to retrieve specific information defined by the expert) or direct assistance is required for you to create your own Remote Viewing work.

How does Remote Viewing relate to other methods?
Remote Viewing is a learnable and developable natural ability and not an "experience". Remote Viewing is at no time an extrasensory experience, thus no trance or no mediumistic state and no other changed state of consciousness. It is a method of attention management, similar to solving a math problem. During a Remote Viewing session the Remote Viewing protocols "pull" the perceiver in perfect focus on the target (= task). The Remote Viewing expert starts to bilocalize, i.e. his attention is actually divided between his conscious and unconscious attention to the target/task. Remote Viewing data are perceived as ideas - not as experiences.
Is the remote viewing effect detectable?
Yes! If a Remote Viewing expert is measured during a work session (session) by the EEG or PCE™1 procedure, a clear activation of the right hemisphere of the brain is shown, whereas the left hemisphere "shuts down". In addition to the existing research results, in-depth research projects and doctoral theses are underway.

1 PCE™ is a registered trademark of the "Institute for Applied Biocybernetics & Feedback Research".

Why does Remote Viewing work?
Simply and model expressed as follows: The study is not about activating or training our "Inner Perception"! This "Inner Perception" is latently present, but it is "filtered out" by our consciousness so that we can go about our daily lives - otherwise we would be flooded with information. Only in phases of creativity we unconsciously access this potential. We feel our "Inner Perception" most concretely in the context of intuitions - such as gut feelings, premonitions, etc. Through study (grammar), your "Inner Perception" is channeled into consciousness, where it is transformed into familiar concepts and associations (vocabulary). The more you practice, the better this conditioning works - your vocabulary expands and strengthens.
Is Remote Viewing a principle of faith?
Remote Viewing is not a principle of faith, but a concrete, comprehensible method of information gathering for individuals or teams, which stands up to scientific criteria.

"The world is how we think it is" (Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gottschlich).

What requirements should I bring with me?
You should be balanced. Also open to a new view of things and flexible in dealing with "cherished" beliefs. Remote Viewing work often comes with completely new information concepts that require a strong rethinking or value-free thinking.
What do I get out of Remote Viewing besides actually mastering the method?
If you do not let yourself be caught by the inertia of your everyday life, the integration of Remote Viewing into this very everyday life will change your life greatly. This concept of "optimization of perception" and "integration into one's own personality", with the necessary degree of "personal development", we find in ancient cultures as the principle of "initiation". An intensive process of "self-knowledge" and "dissolving old behavioral patterns (programs)" forms one into a good Remote Viewing expert. Only the one who knows "self" and his "patterns" will not let them "color" his acquired Remote Viewing data. The differentiation of "raw data" and "personally colored data" becomes possible for you in the process of finding information. The intellect and talent of a Remote Viewing expert determine how detailed a target or task can be described. A technically skilled Remote Viewing expert will be able to provide more precise descriptions for a technical task through his established "thesaurus". A Remote Viewing expert with a talent for drawing will be able to draw a target or a task more precisely. Thus an individual "Remote Viewing personality" develops. To further develop this personality is also the goal of the accompanying Remote Viewing study programs.


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