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What is NEURONprocessing?

NEURONprocessing is a platform where we offer high quality IDEA development (ideation), train professional IDEA developers and IDEATION teams - as well as provide the necessary software for IDEA development and IDEA publishing.

The approach is based on findings from brain research and was developed under the leadership of Thomas Tankiewicz - co-founder and managing director.


What is the goal of NEURONprocessing?

In essence, NEURONprocessing is a software tool that develops creative processes in a more targeted serial manner and leads to significantly more efficient results than comparable methods. It uses findings from the field of brain research to better access the creative potential of the human brain. Software based on these findings - the so-called NEURONprocessor - enables the reduction of everyday thinking in connection with extremely increased intuition - and thus allows to act apart from predetermined thought patterns and to develop solutions more efficiently.

A project based on the NEURONprocessor software (self-use, workshop or assignment) provides immediately usable results at low costs. This NEURONprocessing idea development (ideation) is applicable for any kind of problem solving and innovation: for technical developments, the conception of marketing measures, as well as the change of organizational structures and processes.

How does NEURONprocessing work?

A complex question such as "What should the flying car of the future look like?" is processed in several steps within a very short time as follows:

Step 1

Basic formulation of the task: "The specific requirement that the customer has for his flying car of the future?"

Step 2 

Elaboration of a detailed task definition:

"The flying car of the future - within the customer's existing manufacturing capabilities and tailored to their intended target audience."

At this point, NEURONprocessing goes further than comparable methods and develops a questionnaire that includes all aspects that should be answered at the end of the idea development (ideation).


Step 3

First, the previously developed task is entered into the NEURONprocessor.

Then the questionnaire is fed into the NEURONprocessor.

In parallel, the optimal team of idea developers or workshop participants was assembled - assuming one does not develop an initial approach on one's own.

Based on the specifications (assignment & questionnaire), the team - or the individual - realizes the focused idea development in six steps using the NEURONprocessor:

  1. First archetype information - such as the structure of the technical design, speed, movement of the rotors, etc..
  2. Sensory information - such as colors and surfaces.
  3. Perception and description of individual solution components.
  4. Perception of global information on solution and environment.
  5. The structure of the targeted brain frequency in levels 1-4 enables the detailed description of the solution based on the questionnaire by the team with the help of the serialized software.
  6. Closing: The result is summarized in a workbook and a visual representation of the solution is developed.


How successful is NEURONprocessing?

Example financial company

Task: The problem was that customers of a financial company did not pay attention to their correspondences - although the ongoing disregard was accompanied by steadily increasing costs for them. This resulted in the following task after the briefing with our client: development of a solution to increase the attention and provoke the earliest possible reaction of the customers in order to increase the revenue of the company.

Solution: The customer did not understand the company's "jumble of texts" with their "technical jargon". A communications designer was brought in to graphically illustrate the ever-increasing costs - with continued non-response to correspondence - using a cost curve. Furthermore, the image of our client was transformed into that of a helper whose employees always find a solution for the customer. The response rate increased to 70%.


Example high-tech company

Task: A high-tech company that also produces for Formula 1 had a time-critical manufacturing problem. Two specially connected components always tore apart at a certain point during stress tests. The briefing with the customer led to the following task: what is the problem, why does the defect always occur in the same place - and how can the problem be fundamentally eliminated in terms of production technology?

SolutionA vibration caused the adhesive used to tear off - possibly due to a transversely acting tensile force. To prevent this, the carbon fiber component had to be baked longer at a lower temperature, the adhesive diluted and injected with more pressure - if applicable, even in a rotating motion to ensure a more even distribution of the adhesive.

What does NEURONprocessing cost?

Depending on your needs, NEURONprocessing works on single or multiple questions in a workshop or as an assignment. In addition, there is the possibility of a self-application and a training as a professional, certified idea developer.

The current prices for personal use or use as an organization can be found on the NEURONprocessing website:

Data + Facts


NEURONprocessing emerged from the ISFR - Institute for Brain Research, Science & Futurology, founded in 1996.


  • 2006 - "NEURONprocessing Institute for applied brain & futurology".
  • 2016 - "NEURONprocessing Think Tank, Academy and Institute for Brain & Future Research".
  • 2019 - NEURONprocessing UG


  • Thomas Tankiewicz - Management
  • Dirk Jacobasch - Development Manager
  • Uwe Volk - Head of Research
  • Jörg Salamon - Investor Relations
  • Reinhard Puke - Head of Reality & Consciousness
  • Tobias Krieg - Head of Aerospace Division


International teams put together depending on the assignment (project)


Companies from various industries, municipal institutions and authorities

Press contact:

Thomas Tankiewicz

Grindelberg 15a

20144 Hamburg

Tel +49 40 468712-37


Vision, mission and values


"NEURONprocessing is the world's most effective (revolutionary) ideation platform, enabling its users to unleash their full potential to develop visionary, holistic and sustainable ideas and products at any time and in any context - for our collective future (and that of our children)."


"Building an ideation platform for a self-growing community of independent ideation experts and their products that transport the NEURONprocessing methodology to (tens of thousands of) users around the world."

Corporate values

  1. Our company makes a visionary/evolutionary contribution to all of humanity for global advancement on our planet.
  2. Our ideas, information and products precisely meet the essence of the task and are available to all people on our ideation platform.
  3. We create a positively empowering work environment for our users, where they can create/realize their ideas and products with maximum productivity.
  4. Our ideas are demonstrably sustainable and support the United Nations SDGs.
  5. Our projects are always ethically* and morally justifiable for all parties involved and considered for the highest benefit (well-being) of all (parties) involved.

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