Counter Crisis Ideation
Development of ideas for crisis management

High-quality ideas, solutions, innovations and strategies for the expansion of required approaches and possibilities for action - with the aim of "using crises as opportunities".

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About us
We are a team

We are a team of international professional idea developers. With our NEURONprocessor Software " we develop optimal ideas that go beyond established thinking. Thus, we are able - especially in crisis situations - to develop the solutions, innovations and strategies that show those affected an expanded spectrum of action. Our goal is to minimize specific negative effects of crises - but also to understand them as an opportunity for change and further development.

Help as much as we can

To help in all social areas and industries, we then launched our new initiative "Idea Development for Crisis Management". This is how we, as a young StartUp, help with what we do best - effectively develop optimal ideas.

Overview of some projects in this area:

Ideas for international airlines during and beyond the crisis

Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for airlines, airport operators and aircraft manufacturers during and beyond the crisis:

Developing the possible optimum for airlines that goes beyond the crisis. Showing the entry into this development and the milestones on the way to the optimum. The focus is on commercial airlines for passenger transport in national and international air traffic.


Crisis management ideas for the education sector

Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for digital learning in schools and educational institutions during and beyond the crisis:

In terms of immediately usable tools and concepts that can remain in use even after the crisis, for future digital and mobile learning. The current crisis affects the education sector differently - depending on how far the respective institution is in its eLearning implementation. The task now is to actively and strategically shape this crisis and the change with a view to the future.

Crisis management ideas for the taxi industry

Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for the taxi industry during and beyond the crisis:

In our first project, we developed ideas and suggestions for the German cab industry in the context of the current crisis. This was triggered by the already very early dramatic loss of rides and the accompanying existential threat for many - especially small - cab companies. Parallel to our idea development, the first ideas have already been put on the road to implementation - which is a confirmation of our data. Therefore, we want to make this data freely available to the cab industry throughout Germany and also worldwide.



Your Topics :

Associations, companies, organizations, NGO's, governments, ... can contact us directly with their required confidential topics for idea development / ideation ...

We are looking for further experts:

to the following topics and projects, so that we can make them familiar with our NEURONprocessor free of charge, for the purpose of support in the development of ideas - please simply contact us ...


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