NEURONprocessor Update 3.9.6

The NEURONprocessor update 3.9.6 went without problems. We ask you to check your projects / missions if everything fits and is understandable. The most important new feature is a new export function, which allows to export missions directly in a MindMap compatible format. The update also brings optimized companion audio.

In addition, there are again numerous innovations, refinements and bug fixes to bring your IDEAS development and IDEATION projects to an even higher level.

Here is the list of all new content:


  • In the meantime, we have moved our apps NEURONprocessor and NEURONpublisher to a new, higher-performance server. Thus, all areas of both apps now load much faster.

TOTAL APP | Audios = Voice Recordings

  • Optimized accompaniment audios, which have been made better in terms of volume and lengths.


  • The link to the description of the Premium function has been corrected.
  • The logout button no longer slides into the preceding help button on smaller screens.

HELP | Optimization

  • Minor corrections to the content.

PROJECTS | Team Invitations

  • We have corrected the invitation by email for your teams, because here partly the name "project" was not used completely.


  • Everything the same ;-)

MISSION | Various

  • The audio aids in the mission have had the timings taken out.
  • The audios of the numbers at the archetypes have been adjusted in volume to the other audios.
  • The audios that remind you in the mission not to reflect the information you've gained have been greatly reduced in volume, are played less often, and no longer overlap with the preceding audios.
  • In addition, there are other small audio optimizations.

ANALYSIS | Various

  • The new export function allows you to export your missions directly in a MindMap compatible format. This way you can open such an export directly in most MindMap programs in a structured way.


As always, this update comes with performance and reliability improvements and fixes bugs - the same goes for the Premium version. Stay Healthy ...

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