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Optimization of teams or teams on the basis of our neuroactive methodology

With this product we offer you the possibility to align your team to its performance optimum.

We help you identify the best opportunities for your team to reach its full potential in the areas of fitness, mental training, technique, tactics and team spirit. In addition, we look at the entire environment of your team, including aspects such as the private environment, the team and the coach, the financial situation, sponsors, training conditions and fans.

Our approach also includes the analysis of possible disruptive factors that could hinder the achievement of maximum performance. We develop long-term solutions to overcome these obstacles and offer immediate measures to minimize or eliminate these factors.

In addition, we identify the strengths and talents of your team as well as possible weaknesses and "sticking points". We also look at the motivation and inner attitude of your team in terms of harmony, joie de vivre, fun and sporting ambitions.

Our analysis also includes the evaluation of the given characteristics of your team in terms of willpower, discipline, perseverance, emotions, character, heart, fighting spirit, resistance to abandonment, enthusiasm, passion, attractiveness and appearance. In addition, we consider the characteristics of the coach or coaching team in terms of their mindset, demeanor, sense of team, vision, goals, competence and other relevant aspects.

With our team optimization, we provide you with a comprehensive analysis and strategy to maximize your team's performance potential and ensure long-term success.

" Our results are usually available within 10 days after placing the order.

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Delivery Time: approx. 10 working days


Delivery Time: approx. 10 working days

The NEURONprocessor

The NEURONprocessor software builds a specific brainwave pattern in your brain during use, which enables the optimal mental state for idea development.

The structured approach of the NEURONprocessor method binds the waking consciousness, which gives the right brain hemisphere more space. This leads to a more extensive access to stored (expert) knowledge and an extremely increased intuition.

Because your brain is permanently busy with:

  1. Compliance with the method
  2. Selection (multiple choice)
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking (audio feedback)
  5. Optional sketches (or graphical interaction)

We can understand our right brain hemisphere here as a tool that provides us with information that we otherwise do not get to - or that we do not become aware of because the everyday or waking consciousness is always in front of it.


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