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Development of ideas for the German taxi industry in the context of the current Corona crisis

Quick recap:

The current Corona crisis is hitting the industry at a time when it is already undergoing fundamental change. This crisis and the change must now be actively and strategically shaped with a view to the future.

During the crisis, the industry has a set of measures at its disposal. For example, passenger compartments can be shielded, innovative disinfection can be carried out beyond the normal level, new technologies can be used, primarily cashless payment can be used, and visible and perceived security can be increased. In addition, various other measures have been identified that can help the industry now and in the future.

As far as possible, the new or expanded tasks and services should gradually be embedded in the existing service portals.

In future, the taxi industry should see itself as an "all-round service provider" serving a much broader range of activities.

The order of the day is to start preparations for new business areas now (!) in order to be able to develop them.

The industry must show itself with the alternatives and new possibilities in the crisis: Communication is extremely important... The largest cab companies should join forces (e.g. "Taxi United against Corona") and agree on standards.

The period of the critical phase of the epidemic for the taxi industry seems like a rather long-lasting phase to adjust to. The impact will be longer lasting as we are still at the beginning of the crisis and we are not going back to normal so quickly. Even if the impact on the taxi industry may not be as great as currently assumed. Especially if the currently emerging opportunities are used.

In principle, the ideas developed can be transferred to the international taxi industry - even if this applies conditionally to some countries, as different structures prevail there.

We have worked out the following questions in detail:

  1. The current situation of the German taxi industry - especially with regard to the Corona pandemic
  2. Measures that the taxi industry can take to ensure the safe transport of passengers
  3. Tasks that the taxi industry as a whole can take on during the crisis
  4. Possible new business areas that the taxi industry in Germany can build up, which are also lucrative beyond the period of the crisis
  5. Period of the critical phase of the epidemic for the taxi industry in Germany
  6. Optimal communication strategy of the taxi industry to communicate its finally realized measures and innovations
  7. Ideas that can also be applied to the international taxi industry and what, if any, the differences are


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