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The start page and the special feature of NEURONprocessor - with integrated help

After you have created your free user account - according to our previous tutorial - and have successfully logged in to NEURONprocessor, you will now see its start page here.
" These we have made self-explanatory, which we listen to once ... .
You can listen to this explanation yourself at any time by opening the "Help" in the upper right corner - if it is not already open. The help for your current area in the NEURONprocessor will be displayed - and will be adapted automatically when you change it. Each area has its own short audio explanation, followed by the corresponding help texts.

In our tutorials, I show you how to basically use our NEURONprocessor software to develop ideas in the ideal mental state* of your brain for this purpose. This state is achieved by building a specific brain frequency pattern - and enables you:
> https://neuronprocessing.com/wp-content/uploads/Gehirnwellen-bei-Anwendung.png

1. an extended access to your deeply stored expert knowledge, which is difficult to access in everyday life due to established thinking patterns - because our brain prefers the well-traveled highways of our "habitual thinking".

2. an extremely increased intuition through maximum resonance - i.e. greatest possible intuitive closeness - with the respective project topic. The resulting ideas are not arbitrary as in other creativity techniques[ link set to advantages ], but highly relevant, coherent and therefore immediately implementable.

This is even more true the more you use the NEURONprocessor - that is, practice using it - and perhaps become a professional idea developer at the end of your journey.

To simplify your start, you use the NEURONprocessor in a TOGO mode at the beginning. Thus it is possible for you to reach the ideal condition already approximately. The more you get involved in the underlying methodology and internalize it in the course of time, the more intensive this will be.

In TOGO mode, the help function is always displayed, which provides you with the corresponding explanations for each area of the NEURONprocessor. You can close this function at any time and display it again via "Help" (top right).

So - let's get started ... and start your first tour through the NEURONprocessor and do a "getting to know mission". In this mission you will not yet acquire any information, but we will familiarize you with the process and the concept behind it. We have already created the project for you - so let's go:

  1. Module Missions

    To select the "Getting to Know Mission" for our project of the same name "NEURONprocessor Getting to Know Mission", click on the "Mission" module on the left side of the navigation.

  2. My missions

    If you open this module for the first time - or if you don't have any accepted missions at the moment - of course you won't see any accepted missions for projects under "My missions". Therefore, click on "Select missions" now.

  3. Choose missions
    Now scroll through the list of displayed projects under "All Projects" until you see our project "NEURONprocessor Getting to Know Mission".

  4. NEURONprocessor get to know mission
    In the framed box of the project you will find all the information that defines the project. The description tells you what the project is about and the procedure explains how to perform the required mission.

  5. Template ads
    Under "Show template" you will see the template "Problem solving - simple" assigned to the project, which we have chosen as an example for our getting to know mission. It is composed of its description and the aspects (questions) to be worked out in your mission.

  6. Accept project
    Now close the template view by clicking somewhere outside of it. Then select "Accept project" and click "Start mission" in the dialog box that appears.

  7. Prepare mission
    The preparation serves to capture your initial situation of your mission and to shut down your everyday thinking: Define your "state of mind" in the selection and specify the type of mission as follows: " Purpose = Training " Specialized knowledge = Expertise " Briefing = Standard Before starting a mission, you can review the description, procedure and template here, as this is how you focus your brain before starting a mission.

  8. Shut down your consciousness
    Before you start your respective mission via "Start Mission", you shut yourself down at this point during a real mission. That is, you try to calm your conscious thoughts and leave your everyday life outside. To do this, you use the method of your choice. In the simplest case you close your eyes for 1 -2 minutes and try not to think about anything. Try it out right now during this demo. Then it starts.

  9. Implementation of the "get to know you" mission

    In our "getting to know you" mission, you follow the instructions in the mission flow. This contains audio instructions that guide you through the mission. Feel free to click on terms in the lists and try writing out clusters of information. This will help you practice for your first real mission.

    You can show and hide the explanations for each step via the "Help". If you have a large screen, you can place both windows next to each other.

    The individual explanatory videos here in the tour show you the process briefly in each case.

By the way


In the "Settings" you can also deactivate the TOGO mode completely after a few exercises and further professionalize yourself via the additional functions.

Let's go

So, let's start now and begin with your first training mission - similar to a good adventure game. Because you can also understand the NEURONprocessor as a game, in which you send your inner "perception agent" on exciting and significant missions, in order to obtain and develop important ideas for you, your organization or the whole world.

In your first mission or exercise, I will show you how to work out your professional optimization and develop the information and ideas that will point you in the right direction.

The topic is particularly well suited, as you ideally know your way around your life - but will also bring to light ideas that you did not have on your "inner map" until now - that is, were not part of your previous established perception.

The result enables you to take a new view on things - or even to initiate changes and optimizations.

We use for your professional optimum a so-called template

Templates help you to clearly formulate at which points you want to perceive information from your deeper brain regions or outside your established thinking pathways.
A template is a concrete catalog of questions - i.e. a sum of queries - and contains all the points that should be answered at the end of an idea development process. The queries define a clear focus so that the result is not overloaded with too many ideas.
For your professional optimum we choose one of our existing standard templates, of which we regularly add new ones in the "Templates" module.
For this we go to the category "Education, Profession & Success" - and click on the template "[DE] Profession - Optimization simple". The [DE] shows you that this is a standard template in German.

Here we then see the description and queries for your professional optimization - which is as follows:

With this template you can work out a "Professional Optimization". This is possible through the significant amplification of intuition through the NEURONprocessor. You can also take advantage of this effect and work out "Professional Optimizations" for yourself or your friends. The less you know about a person, the more you work through your association and intuition.

The resulting information provides an expanded or alternative view of the established perception of the profession or everyday professional life. Furthermore, established patterns of thinking and behavior are made conscious. But the main focus is on the optimization of a professional situation and overcoming possible obstacles in the development towards it.

Query 1
Intuitively describe the current situation:

Query 2
Intuitively describe the probable development if everything remains as it is:

Query 3
Intuitively describe the factors that significantly determine the probable development:

Query 4
Intuitively describe the maximum optimization that can be achieved from the current professional situation:

Query 5
Intuitively describe how best to implement the previously described optimization:

Query 6
Intuitively describe how the current job would need to be optimized to maximally match the existing interests and skills:

Query 7
Intuitively describe the resulting possible perspectives:

Query 8
Intuitively describe the criteria for a more suitable profession:

Query 9
Intuitively describe the biggest obstacles and how to overcome them when optimizing or changing careers:

We have now solved the mystery of what templates are and where they come from.
You can also create your own templates at any time using the "Templates" module.
" Information about this can be found in the NEURONprocessor help, if you are in the Templates module - like here "

Since you are working with a standard template in your first project, you do not need to create a template now.
So there is nothing more for us to do here ... except to go back to the "Home" page via "Home".

However, what we need to do now is to create a project for your professional optimum.

For this we use the Projects module

After calling up the "Projects module", you will first be shown a list of all the possible project categories in which you can create your projects, as was the case with the templates. If you have created your first project, it will be displayed here in the overview of all your projects in the large window on the right. The same applies to all your future projects.

Select the category "Education, Career & Success" here as well - in other words, the templates for a project can usually be found in the categories of the same name.

New project
You create a new project via "More ..." (point down, to the right of the magnifying glass), which displays a submenu.
There you simply select "Create project", assign a name in the "Create project" box that appears and click "Save". Your new project will be created immediately and its name will be displayed in the "Projects" list in the menu on the left.
Now simply fill in the corresponding fields.

Project ID
The project number (ID) is assigned automatically and cannot be changed. It is used later at the start of your mission to focus you on the task behind it only via the ID. 

Project name
Give your project the name: My current professional optimum

Project status
The project status is automatically set to "Preparation". To start a mission, it must be changed to "Execution" beforehand - which you are already doing now, please.

Here you can change the category you just defined when creating your project.

Start date
The start date is assigned automatically and you can change it as you wish - which is usually not necessary.

End date
The end date is pre-filled to plus 2 days after the start date and can be freely determined by you. It defines by when you want to have completed the missions for your project.

Here you can set the language in which you want to create your missions.

Keywords will help you to find your projects better later, if you have already created a large amount of projects: e.g. optimization, profession, ... (what is coherent for you).

Forum link
Here you can enter the link to your personal work forum. Local links on your computer or online links are possible - for example: Notion, Asana, Trello, Wrike, Slack channel, Microsoft Teams, ... .

Team communication
Leave this field blank as you are currently working alone.

Missions needed
Leave the setting at 1.

Type of project
Set a check mark at Private project. This way all data of your project is visible ONLY for you.

Now assign the template "[EN] Profession - Optimization simple" to your project. Click on "Select template" and select the template from the list.

Now formulate the project description to define what exactly your project is about.
So write, "A current optimization of my professional direction."

Task = order to our brain
Next, formulate a precise task so that your brain recognizes what information is to be worked out. So write, "The possible aspects of my professional optimization starting from the present ("today's date")."
A small hint: The task will always be displayed only to you for each type of project.

Then you describe the procedure for developing the needed information - say, "Develop the aspects of the mission using the defined template."

"You can find more information about this in the NEURONprocessor help, if you are in the module Projects.

After you have created your project, activate it and confirm it.

Start mission directly


After you have unlocked your project, you can directly start your mission. 
To do this, go to "More ..." (point down, to the right of the magnifying glass) and select "Start Mission" from the submenu, which will immediately take you to mission preparation.

Select & start mission

To accept a mission to a project, go to the "Mission" module.

Of course, when you open this module for the first time, you will not see any accepted missions for projects under "My missions".

Now call "Select mission".

You will now see the list of all project categories on the left side. In the large list on the right you will see all available projects. These consist of your personal projects, team projects and community projects. If you can't find the project you're looking for there, search for it using the categories on the left. Usually you will find your short term project under "Projects expiring this month".

This way you will find your self-created projects - e.g. For your "Current professional optimum" - with all their descriptions, including a button to view the selected template.

As a member of a team, you will also find there the team projects to which you have been invited.

Via "Accept project" you accept the mission to be processed for a project - and initiate it via "Start mission".

If you don't start your mission right now, you can do it at any time later. You will find your mission directly under "My missions" after opening the "Missions" module.

Principle & procedure of a NEURONprocessor mission


In the following we will show you the principle of the underlying methodology of the NEURONprocessor - and how it is implemented in the course of a mission.



Demo Mission

Below you will see a demo mission to a professional optimum - as prepared in our instructions for creating your first project.

This demo is exemplary for any mission in the ToGo mode of the NEURONprocessor - so also for the missions of specialists in our workshops.

You will hear only the original audio aids of the NEURONprocessor, just as you will hear them in your own mission.

The passages in which no audio aids are to be heard, we let run faster, so that the demo does not become too long. In these passages you can see exactly how you work in the NEURONprocessor and especially how you work out and structure the so-called information clusters.


YouTube player



It is very important to internalize the basic principle of the NEURONprocessor:

Our goal in the NEURONprocessor application is to realize information that does not come from our normal thinking, weighing and reflecting on a task - without reflecting on it. The information gained in this way is then analyzed and used after a "mission" - again thinking normally.
In other words, a mission is designed not to think about or analyze the acquired information immediately - that happens only afterwards in the revision and analysis. If you do not keep this principle, you will not build a deeper access to your stored knowledge and strengthened intuition!

Prepare mission "
+ General conditions in detail:
1. determine your current state of mind - what is right for you.
Set the purpose of your mission to "Training",
3. your specialist knowledge to "expertise",
4. and the level of briefing to "Advanced ...".

Before you start your mission, take a close look at the assignment.

After that, you will record the general conditions of your mission - and finally relax with a technique of your choice. For this you can also use our brain-active "Cool Down" frequencies.

As a rule, 1 to 3 minutes are enough - after which you start your mission immediately.

During the mission we remind you what to consider for obtaining the optimal mental state of idea development.

In revision ...

In revision ...

The NEURONprocessor

The NEURONprocessor software builds a specific brainwave pattern in your brain during use, which enables the optimal mental state for idea development.

The structured approach of the NEURONprocessor method binds the waking consciousness, which gives the right brain hemisphere more space. This leads to a more extensive access to stored (expert) knowledge and an extremely increased intuition.

Because your brain is permanently busy with:

  1. Compliance with the method
  2. Selection (multiple choice)
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking (audio feedback)
  5. Optional sketches (or graphical interaction)


We can understand our right brain hemisphere here as a tool that provides us with information that we otherwise do not get - or that we do not become aware of because the everyday or waking consciousness is always in front of it.


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