Hello & welcome to NEURONprocessor

"I am Tom - your digital instructor - accompanying you on your journey through NEURONprocessor. You have registered to use our neuroactive software to develop ideas, solve problems, develop concepts - or gain higher-level information perspectives. All these are so-called projects. You can find a short introduction in the video of the same name and in the text below. With our tours you will find your start and under HELP the explanations to the respective page in the NEURONprocessor".

Brief introduction:

3 short steps with the NEURONprocessor to the very best concepts, strategies, solutions, products, ideas ... and world peace ;-) in the shortest possible time:


Task & questionnaire on the information needed.
Step 1

A Project of course needs a description that defines exactly what you are about.

To ensure that a project delivers the required results, you assign a suitable template to it. This can be one of our ready-made standard templates - such as for a simple concept development. Or a template tailored by you to your current project.

For the sake of simplicity, we have already created some customizable projects for you, with which you can start immediately via the button "Start a project right away". These are already assigned the appropriate template.

At Templates are basically question catalogs that are developed within the framework of your mission for a project from the moment when you are in the optimal state for idea development and maximum intuition or resonance ability. The neuroactive component of our software brings you into this state.


Optimal mental state for idea development and ideation.
Step 2

Missions have the goal of bringing you into the state just described over a period of about 15 - 20 minutes, so that you can then neuroactively work on all questions of the defined question catalog within the framework of a project. In other words, at the beginning you work out rather general information by means of lists to tick off, in order to be able to move more and more into the writing out of specific perceptions in the course of time. After 50 - 90 minutes - depending on the exercise and condition - the ideal state is reduced and you have reached the end of your mission.

After a break revise You your acquired information, so that these are still comprehensible for you in the future.

After that, you can export your acquired information and To Does (MindMap or text file) to immediately apply and implement them in your respective project.


Quick results for immediate use and implementation.
Step 3

You also have the possibility to let other idea developers work on your projects - or to participate in projects of other clients.

Because the NEURONprocessor unfolds its strength especially in teamwork, when unique idea developers contribute missions to a project. This leads to overlapping and expanding information, which is worked out in an analysis.

In an analysis, you, a client or an analyst evaluate the resulting data.

Whether solo or in a team - simple or complex project - the end result is always immediately applicable and integrable Results available.

Go ahead & start your journey ...

... and start your first tour through the NEURONprocessor - e.g. our "getting to know mission". In this mission you will not yet acquire any information, but we will familiarize you with the process and the concept behind the NEURONprocessor. We have already created the project for you. Just click on "A first tour" and select the tour "Getting to know mission".
Or try your first customizable project, to which we have already assigned the appropriate template. Click on "Start a project right away".
So - here we go:

The NEURONprocessor

The NEURONprocessor software builds a specific brainwave pattern in your brain during use, which enables the optimal mental state for idea development.

The structured approach of the NEURONprocessor method binds the waking consciousness, which gives the right brain hemisphere more space. This leads to a more extensive access to stored (expert) knowledge and an extremely increased intuition.

Because your brain is permanently busy with:

  1. Compliance with the method
  2. Selection (multiple choice)
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking (audio feedback)
  5. Optional sketches (or graphical interaction)


We can understand our right brain hemisphere here as a tool that provides us with information that we otherwise do not get - or that we do not become aware of because the everyday or waking consciousness is always in front of it.


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