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Original post dated 2020-05-14: Tourism & Prices


The airlines can develop attractive packages for business travellers and holidaymakers in cooperation with the tourism industry, which is also hard hit, the can already be booked now.  

Even if it is currently not yet apparent when the booked packages can actually be used, they would be applicable immediately after the corresponding relaxation of the current restrictions.  

In order to encourage customers to book, free and flexible cancellation with refund of all costs or the possibility of rebooking is a matter of course.  

The idea here is that airlines and the tourist industry close cooperate, to get the best for both industries.


Background information on this idea:

At the beginning of the pandemic, many airlines responded very flexibly to the resulting flight changes and cancellations, often to the benefit of their customers. Passengers had the choice of rebooking their flights at no extra cost, receiving vouchers for future flights or requesting a full refund.

According to our original assessment, the Travel Fever of potential holiday flyers is expected to continue unabated. Along with the gradual easing of travel restrictions at the beginning of the summer, this picture has been confirmed by fully occupied holiday planes. Many summer holidaymakers have taken advantage of the planning security offered by package tours in order to save themselves additional expense in the event of a flight change or cancellation. The associated hotel bookings were adjusted for the travellers, if necessary, by their tour operator in accordance with the new flight dates at no additional cost.


First applications of this idea:

With the easing of international travel restrictions, Helvetic Airways has already started offering so-called pop-up flights - see our idea on the Flying on Demand. Passengers can book offers to attractive destinations with or without hotel.

Towards the end of the year, the major tourism providers are now also offering their customers offers with extremely flexible cancellation conditions, in line with our idea. Cheap holiday packages can be booked now in advance, from which the holidaymakers can still cancel free of charge until shortly before the start of the trip next year.





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