NEURONprocessing Ideation
The smartest way to develop IDEAS

Optimal extension of your own and organisation-internal perspective (internal view) to a 360° view.

Development of future-proof external solutions (Crowdsourcing).

1. Post your briefing

All we need for an order is a short briefing for the purpose of developing a precise question. We deliver your solution with the final presentation of our analysis.

To answer one or more questions, we do not need a detailed project description. It is sufficient to describe the initial situation and your desired objective in a few keyword-like sentences.

We check your briefing for feasibility and if necessary ask for more information. If everything matches - we get started.


2. Idea development

The solution based on the question is realized by certified IDEENEvelopers with our brain research based ideation software - the NEURONprocessor.

The NEURONprocessor enables the reduction of everyday thinking in connection with an extremely increased intuition - and thus allows to act apart from predetermined thinking patterns.

We carry out your project according to your briefing 100% anonymously using the NEURONprocessor with our team of "Certified Idea Developers". Finally, the data is evaluated by our analysts. All project participants are bound to secrecy by non-disclosure agreements.


3. Solution

The holistic solutions of our ideation are always comprehensible - and directly applicable, through the integration into your already used tools.

The result is made available via Word (text), OneNote, MindMap or on a digital whiteboard. Our delivered information will be evaluated by you and integrated into your underlying project, plan or problem.

We are available for any inquiries - also via collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams.


Examples showing our ideation in problem solving

Our ideation is fast, cost-effective, immediately applicable, delivered in an optimal mental state for idea development, and has a scientific foundation. Successful customer projects prove this:



At a customer with well over 5,000 employees, external and internal communication was often very unspecific and misdirected. In other words, the wrong addressee received the wrong message. This led to frustration and demotivation of everyone involved, as well as half-hearted completion of the respective tasks.

Our ideation experts processed the questionnaire created during the briefing with the customer using the NEURONprocessor.

Based on the results, we developed an adaptive steering and control system to direct specified requests to the right addressees in an increasingly transparent manner.

The results:

  1. Increase in employee satisfaction
  2. Increase in productivity


A customer from the financial sector had massive problems in recruiting junior staff. There were various reasons for this, such as the reputation of the industry, working hours, and a few others.

After a short briefing with the customer, we created a questionnaire that addressed the solution to the problem. The processing was done by our ideation experts with the NEURONprocessor.

In a very short time, we delivered a coherent concept that helped the client to attract more applicants and more new hires. And, of course, with the client's existing resources.



Let's look at an economic example of a NEURONprocessing ideation:

  • The problem was that customers of a financial company did not pay attention to their correspondences - although the ongoing disregard was accompanied by steadily increasing costs for them.
  • This resulted in the following task after the briefing with our client: development of a solution to increase the attention and provoke the earliest possible reaction of the customers in order to increase the revenue of the company.


Our ideation process delivered the following solution:

  • The customer did not understand the company's "jumble of texts" with their "technical jargon". A communications designer was brought in to graphically illustrate the ever-increasing costs - with continued non-response to correspondence - using a cost curve.
  • Furthermore, the image of our client was transformed into that of a helper whose employees always find a solution for the customer. The response rate increased to 70%.


Let's look at the example of a technical NEURONprocessing ideation here:

  • A high-tech company that also produces for Formula 1 had a time-critical manufacturing problem. Two specially connected components always tore apart at a certain point during stress tests.
  • The briefing with the customer led to the following task: what is the problem, why does the defect always occur in the same place - and how can the problem be fundamentally eliminated in terms of production technology?


Our ideation process delivered the following solution:

  • A vibration caused the adhesive used to tear off - possibly due to a transversely acting tensile force.
  • To prevent this, the carbon fiber component had to be baked longer at a lower temperature, the adhesive diluted and injected with more pressure - if applicable, even in a rotating motion to ensure a more even distribution of the adhesive.

On application our results:

Our ideation is smart for the following reasons:

In the shortest possible time to high-value concepts and solutions:

THE NEURONprocessor

NEURONprocessor software explanation

Explanation of the main functions of the NEURONprocessor software:

  1. On the one hand, the software enables the reduction of everyday thinking - by bypassing established patterns of thinking and perception, which consequently results in a deeper access to the brain.
  2. Furthermore, intuition is extremely enhanced and gives access to otherwise unconscious information.
  3. The external perspective gained this way enables an unbiased approach and thus the optimal solution.
  4. Optimal, because your internal perspective is also adequately represented by the project questionnaire. This fusion of external and internal perceptions is one of the essential unique selling points of the NEURONprocessor.

Brief description

The NEURONprocessor software builds a specific brainwave pattern while in use, which enables the optimal mental state for idea development.


The structured approach of the NEURONprocessor method binds the waking consciousness, which gives the right brain hemisphere more space. This leads to a more extensive access to stored (expert) knowledge and an extremely increased intuition.

This is because our brain is permanently busy with:

  1. Compliance with the method
  2. Selection (multiple choice)
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking (audio feedback)
  5. Optional sketches (or graphical interaction)


We can consider our right brain hemisphere in this context as a tool that provides us with information that we would otherwise not be able to access - or that we would not become aware of because our everyday respectively waking consciousness is always in front of it.


Advantages & Comparison

The key advantages over other creativity techniques - such as design thinking, etc. are:

  1. Optimal state of consciousness
  2. Pinpoint results
  3. Low team & time expenditure

In everyday thinking and workshops, we are limited in idea generation by our established thought patterns and non-optimal states of consciousness (stress levels). In addition, creativity techniques have methodological weaknesses in their processes - and thus in their results.

In our differentiated comparison of the NEURONprocessor to selected method parts we assume an ideal-typical NEURONprocessor IDEAS developer (solver), who is maximally suited to think creatively through the application of the software (protocol), is imaginative and ultimately thinks optimally associatively. It is therefore ideally suited for the development and production phase in idea processes.

Creativity techniques with a focus on changing perspectives guide the participants to slip into different roles.

  1. This is so important because it establishes a stable foundation for later association.
  2. In the NEURONprocessor application, this happens purposefully via intuitive associations. The above-mentioned methods imply certain perspectives that do not necessarily produce goal-directed associations later on.
  3. Their results are also influenced - similar to brainstorming methods - by the environmental factors mentioned above and by the personality traits of the respective participants in the method. Most methods finally lead to a discussion and / or evaluation round, which is often as subjective as unanalytical and a selection of the relevant information is difficult here. In contrast, the results of a NEURONprocessor-based IDEAS development represent a focused substrate of relevant information that can be further processed in a standardized manner in the later analysis phase.
  4. In short, "it's all in the right attitude!"

Creativity techniques with a focus on brainstorming guide participants to make a topic-based association.

  1. The richness of information is the first priority here. However, in some cases, the optimal information may be contained in the mass.
  2. This richness and its quality are mostly dependent on a good mix of participant personalities. A further limitation can occur by associating in the wrong direction. However, positive participant feedback can also be expected. Adequately, in the analysis phase of the NEURONprocessor application the results of the individual idea developers are merged in a standardized way.
  3. Prior to this, association to the relevant responses occurs in the important, final production phase of the method. Here, adherence to the protocol has led to the attainment of optimal mental performance. Above-mentioned methods are designed for absolutely free association, produce many ideas - but at the same time many irrelevant.
  4. Their results are also influenced by the above-mentioned environmental factors and the personality traits of the respective participants in the method - similar to perspective change methods. Most methods similar to brainstorming also end up in a discussion and/or evaluation round, which is often as subjective as it is unanalytical, making it difficult to select the relevant information. In contrast, the results of the NEURONprocessor method represent a focused substrate of relevant information that can be further processed in a standardized manner in the later analysis phase.
  5. In short, "the right content is what matters."

Combined creativity techniques, such as efficiently executed design thinking, carry the strengths and weaknesses of the above methods.

  1. The steps of the ideal-typical design thinking process do not necessarily have to be run through one after the other. Jumping back and forth to other phases at any point in time is entirely desirable.
  2. Here, the focus is on an often time-consuming iterative approach including multiple prototyping and testing. In this way, design thinking produces results that are very well aligned with the target group. The complete NEURONprocessor application - including the preparation of the optimal information - requires only a fraction of this time.
  3. In contrast to the NEURONprocessor application, large human resources are ultimately tied up in the design thinking process.
  4. In short, "it's the right method that matters."

With the NEURONprocessor we bypass the established thinking and perception - and focus freely and directly on the required answers from the specific questionnaire of an ideation project.

  1. The neurological correlate is measurable in a firing on all frequency bands - especially in the right brain hemisphere.
  2. The resulting results are immediately validatable by the customer. They lie in the one solution space that is derived from the resources and the possibilities of the customer - in combination with the spirit of the times. Strictly speaking, this solution space is already available from the moment the task and questionnaire of a NEURONprocessing Ideation are finally defined. Because all required and concerned aspects unite in this solution space (solution point). 

In this context, our brainwaves are the key, as our respective state of consciousness significantly influences the depth of our access to information:


Stressed state

Let us consider a somewhat stressed person:

His brain waves will be dominated by beta waves, and the left hemisphere will be busier than the right hemisphere.
His “ready to fight attitude” is likely to favor simple decisions that come with two to three facts.
He is not capable of solving complex tasks or producing creative ideas in this state....


Normal state

Let's take a look at the normal state of a person - who pays a little attention to their diet, sleep and fitness:

This person should show brain waves in the range of alpha and beta waves in his EEG. These are distributed almost in a 50:50 ratio over both hemispheres of the brain.
He appears mentally stable on the outside and is capable of solving smaller complex tasks.

From time to time, a flash of inspiration or an intuitive decision even lead him to his goal more efficiently.


Creative state

A user of brainstorming and creativity techniques has the best prerequisites:

This person is capable of associative thinking. That is, he has the learned or innate ability to produce abundant thoughts on a question, and then analyze the data obtained.

During the production phase of a brainstorming session, alpha and theta waves are therefore mostly present in the EEG. In the analysis phase, beta waves predominate. Each individual creativity technique involves a certain procedure, but a change in the brain waves is not the focus.


Optimal state

In contrast to the common approaches described above, the NEURONprocessor application is intended to create a special mental state or a special brainwave pattern.

This aims at maximum access to the brain and intuitive information.

Two things are characteristic for this pattern:

  1. In the left hemisphere, only a small number of beta waves are present, which is characteristic for a low analysis tendency.
  2. In the right hemisphere, on the other hand, there is a high level of activity across all frequency bands.


The NEURONprocessor user appears outwardly relaxed but concentrated.

Finally, this enables him to access information that he was previously not aware of or unaware of.

Pinpoint idea generation
Filling a gap in the market, instead of "reinventing the wheel" umpteen times.
Focused realization
Unambiguous detection of future obstacles, instead of "just-in-time" solution search.
More valid decision making
Accurate personnel decisions instead of expensive wrong decisions.
Novel products
Straight product developments, instead of dead-end developments.
Better concepts
Natural disaster-proof cathedrals, rather than plans for cheap prefabricated houses.
Precise solutions
Precise explanatory bases, instead of low access to the problem reason.
Steering the future
Navigate the future safely, rather than being surprised by the future.
Unleashed creativity
Einstein, Picasso or Goethe, instead of hackneyed prose.
Research & Science
New ways of thinking, instead of entrenched ways of thinking.


We calculate on the basis of the individual questions that you need answered for your ideation project.

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  • ∆ The base price

    The base price covers the initial effort we have for each project - independent of the number of queries. This includes briefing, task definition, questionnaire, project coordination, missions of our IDEA developer team, analysis and presentation of our developed concept or solution approach.

    € 2000,-
  • + Price per query

    We calculate a fixed price per individual query. You can also order a single query. However, due to the base price it makes sense to order several queries per project instead of several projects with single / few queries. The result will be summarized in a concrete guideline for implementing the results (To Does).

    € 800,-
  • » OPTIONAL: Analysis

    An optional analysis is conducted by our experienced analysts - and provides the analysis of each individual question. In addition, the results are presented in relation to each other. For this, we also calculate a fixed price per question. The results are compiled in a comprehensive workbook. In addition, there are concrete guidelines for implementing the results (To Does) - in accordance with the milestones contained in the workbook.

    € 450,-
  • » OPTIONAL: Specialist team

    Develop the best possible ideas together with our IDEA developers and your own specialists: For this purpose, your specialists also develop ideas and approaches to the defined project with a simplified version of the NEURONprocessor - on site and / or online. The process can be organized compactly in one day or over several days - parallel to your daily business. At the end we show how the resulting approach is immediately set on the path of implementation. This way you can experience the NEURONprocessor and lay the foundation for your own highly innovative ideation team. Just book our Ideation Module!

    € 3600,-

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Exemplary solutions of our ideation


Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for airlines, airport operators and aircraft manufacturers during and beyond the crisis


Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for digital learning in schools and educational institutions during and beyond the crisis.

StartUps, Investors & Agencies

Ideas for optimal development, change and innovation for startups, investors and agencies during and beyond the crisis.

Taxi industry

Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for the taxi industry during and beyond the crisis.


A Standard Ideation is a turnkey application, with an already defined questionnaire that has already proven itself for the respective application. We are continuously expanding this offering over time.

Business Model Canvas

Standard Ideation Project
8640 plus VAT
  • Secure your StartUp
  • Protect your investment in a StartUp
  • Maximum transparency for founders and investors
  • Identify and eliminate weak points in advance

Optimize products / services

Standard Ideation Project
7360 plus VAT
  • Optimize products and services
  • Optimize ongoing product developments
  • Maximization of the possible market potential
  • Identify and eliminate strengths & weaknesses
Advantages & unique selling propositions

Here is an overview of our other advantages and unique selling points.

High quality

Through certified IDEA developers and ideation software (Saas)


1/2 day to 8 days - depending on the complexity of the question or task.


Due to the dependence on the complexity of the question or task.


Standardized, optimal process of the software leads to precise answers to relevant, pre-defined questions.


Demonstrably deeper and more intuitive brain access among the IDEA developers involved.


Optimal mental state among IDEA developers - instead of inconsistent mental states among other methods.


Instead of an excess of ideas across the board, the optimal ideas are developed in a focused manner within the framework of the defined questions and task.


Obstacles are identified by default and strategies are developed to overcome them.

Internal & External

Assigning a NEURONprocessing Ideation (remote / on site) - or building up your own IDEATION team (see IDEA developer).


By using the software right from the start, results are IMMEDIATELY available digitally and do not have to be digitized afterwards, e.g. from Post-its, and put into a context.


Based on the digital pool of results, AI can optionally be used for various purposes.


The NEURONprocessor is universally suitable for any application the brain is normally used for.

Conserving resources

Answering relevant questions in a way that saves human resources - instead of time-consuming idea generation workshops with often stressed employees without an optimal mental state, who have different skills regarding the respective creativity technique.

Inquiry without obligation


The data gained through our ideation is therefore immediately usable, as it can be implemented directly into the project and collaboration tools you use.

This is due to the fact that we have a 100 percent structured digitization level in the NEURONprocessor software.

Common methods - such as design thinking or brainstorming - average less than 20 %. In addition, there are other clear advantages over other creativity techniques:


NEURONprocessing Ideation

NEURONprocessor ideation software