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Recruitment of employees for insurance companies will be different from 2021 onwards


The concept for this was realised by NEURONprocessing through a new form of IDEATION AS A SERVICE (idea development as a service).

The classic form of recruitment via job portals and job advertisements remains in place during the implementation phase of the developed concept. In this way, the sensitivities of established heads are circumvented and those with reservations are asked to take on the role of observers.

New social media channels serve as a carrier medium for a specific address of the defined target groups. The existing channels are usually not suitable for this, as they are mostly used as advertising channels by the companies.

The address takes place via specially produced videos - according to the specifications of the concept - in the respective media-specific lengths (time).

At the end of a video, a link refers to the respective landing page of the specific target group campaign. The success is measured via KPI: views, clicks, agreed appointments, phone calls, ... .

The landing page contains a brief description of who the company is looking for and what the company has to offer the interested party. The basis for this is a company-specific, ideal-typical candidate profile and a company profile adapted to the new form of recruitment.

The aim is to establish a direct interaction or contact between the interested party and the company via:

  • Chat: Employee in combination with chat bot
  • Calendar: Interested party books appointment himself
  • Classic: Phone & Email
  • Messenger: WhatsApp, etc.
  • Further ...

In the initial contact, communication takes place on the basis of a dynamic discussion guide (checklist), so that a uniform picture is drawn on the outside. The goal is the mutual clarification of whether one wants to work together.

It is important to emphasize that the prospective customer is always given the feeling that he is not applying to the company - but that the company is applying to him.

The overall concept is described in detail in the action guide, which contains the result of the NEURONprocessing Ideation. This action guide is based on the broad foundation of a company combined with this novel form of recruitment.

Interested companies simply take Contact with NEURONprocessing on.


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