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Lufthansa's reaction to the crisis

We would be very surprised if the german carrier Lufthansa has not yet set up a special task force to lead the company out of the crisis in the best possible way - irrespective of the government support that has been promised. Its main task would be to work out appropriate solutions and test them for their applicability. The solutions could be put into immediate use via ad-hoc prototyping, thereby achieving the above-mentioned goals for a gradual increase in flight operations.

The responsibilities and scope of such a task force would not be fully known within the Group, partly for reasons of confidentiality. This would be legitimate in order to protect Lufthansa's strategic realignment. The company would thus not come under unnecessary pressure from outside, especially from the government, regarding the implementation and application of the solutions it has found.

Lufthansa finds itself in a certain stalemate with the German government, which on the one hand is partly responsible for Lufthansa's plight due to the protective measures imposed, while on the other hand the company is dependent on financial support from the state. Lufthansa now has to find the best possible balance between financial protection and government independence.

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