Flying on Demand

Flight On Demand

Original post dated 2020-05-25: Flying on Demand


'Flying on demand' offers a new and particularly inexpensive way for passengers to travel. With this concept, certain flights only arise when the scheduled aircraft are filled to capacity. These flights can be offered to passengers at below-average prices, as the planes are always fully utilized in this scenario. This concept presupposes a certain flexibility on the part of the passengers in the event of flight cancellation or postponement in the event of under-occupancy, but this is accepted by the customers due to the favourable price.


Background information on this idea:

Innovative airlines have long since recognized that they should not rely exclusively on conventional concepts with regard to their offerings during the crisis. Particularly in times of crisis, it is important for an airline to remain flexible and to adapt as best as possible to the constantly changing framework conditions. After all, what is the point of having the best route network if you cannot operate it profitably due to a lack of demand or legal travel restrictions? This is where our idea of "flying on demand" comes in, which is possible in different variants.

Optimally, the airlines work in close cooperation with the tourism industry to put together attractive travel packages for their customers that are as flexible as possible - as we have described under the Immediate action regarding the Tourism & Pricing aspect.


First applications of this idea:

Since the end of July, the Swiss airline Helvetic Airways has been offering its so-called pop-up flights, which are based on our idea of "flying on demand". Instead of a fixed scheduled network, the airline operates these flights with flexible connections that can be optimally adapted to customer wishes and changing travel restrictions. Helvetic Airways offers its flights with or without hotel accommodation.





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