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Original post dated 2020-05-25: Educational and sightseeing flights


Interested industries and companies may become active as sponsors for educational and sightseeing flights for e.g. school and study classes. For these flights, only the window seats are occupied in order to guarantee each participant an optimal view to the outside. The flights themselves can lead over certain regions worth seeing (e.g. the Alps in Europe or coastal regions) and can be backed up with corresponding audio commentaries.

The industrial sponsors can promote their industry during the flights by means of infotainment on the audio and video track. These types of flights are also conceivable without sponsorship as a general offer for groups and individuals with appropriate payment.


Background information on this idea:

Our idea for airlines to make a profit with so-called sightseeing flights even during the crisis, which seems simple at first glance, is quite tricky when you take a closer look. On the one hand, it is simply not possible for some airlines to offer their customers international flights at the moment due to the ongoing travel restrictions of certain countries. On the other hand, airlines have to move their aircraft from time to time on the ground as well as in the air as part of their storage and maintenance operations during the crisis. Using sightseeing flights as an alternative, they can operate these necessary flights partly with paying customers. With ticket prices of up to 2,300 euros and a high demand from passengers, this is certainly not a negative business for the airlines. As a side effect, the airlines can maintain direct contact with their customers even during the crisis and thus strengthen customer loyalty and trust in air traffic beyond the pandemic.

In Europe, this kind of flights are likely to trigger criticism rather than the desired demand for climate reasons. Nevertheless our global view of the crisis situation in aviation has shown that this idea is highly valid in certain regions of the world and achieves the desired result for the airlines there.


First applications of this idea:

Our idea of sightseeing flights was implemented for the first time in Asia by Eva Air and Starlux Airlines. The airlines attract their customers with routes over impressive landscapes or with star cuisine and champagne on board. China Airlines, on the other hand, has tailored its offer specifically to families and their children. Quantas also sold out its "Flight to Nowhere" over the Australian continent within 10 minutes. Singapore Airlines also offered its customers sightseeing flights.





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