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Since 8 March, the new "Click & Meet" regulation has also applied to the Hamburg retail commerce - see below.

Even if one can argue about the usefulness of the measures - there is hardly any discussion anymore - this also offers new opportunities for customer loyalty for the individual retailer. Existing software tools offer the necessary functions here. Depending on the scope of use, these should of course be embedded in compliance with the GDPR.

Software for retail scheduling.

This allows a personalized shopping experience to be planned for each customer with pre-arranged store appointments. This is done by simply using retail appointment scheduling apps, some of which are free. This keeps you in the loop with a real-time view of the customer's calendar on any device. One gets instant booking notifications and manages schedules from anywhere.


Simple self-booking

You simply share your availability and allow your clients to book a date that suits them both.

Customer information

DSGVO-compliant, current customer data, including booked services and average expenditure, can be used to adapt marketing.

Manage teams

The management of sales teams at different locations is possible.

Appointment reminders

Appointment reminders can be automated and you avoid no-shows! So you spend more time with customers while the solution sends email and text reminders in the background.

Shipping orders

Queues are avoided and - despite the circumstances - a pleasant or even exclusive experience can be created where no one waits in line. Click-and-collect slots for online orders are also easy to set up.

Access appointments from your mobile phone

One can get instant notifications of new bookings and cancellations on their mobile phone, so they can plan on the go.


Two examples

We have picked out two examples - but any search engine will give you more results:


The new regulations from 8 March

Here are the current regulations for the retail trade compiled by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce:



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