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Brain waves in use


Our brainwave patterns are the key to understanding the NEURONprocessing method, as our respective state of consciousness significantly influences the depth of our access to information:


Stressed state

Let us consider a somewhat stressed person:

His brain waves will be dominated by beta waves, and the left hemisphere will be busier than the right hemisphere.
His “ready to fight attitude” is likely to favor simple decisions that come with two to three facts.
He is not capable of solving complex tasks or producing creative ideas in this state....

With less stress would be better ...

Normal state

Let's take a closer look at the normal state of a person who pays a little attention to his diet, sleep and fitness:

This person should show brain waves in the range of alpha and beta waves in his EEG. These are distributed almost in a 50:50 ratio over both hemispheres of the brain.
He appears mentally stable on the outside and is capable of solving smaller complex tasks.

From time to time, a flash of inspiration or an intuitive decision even lead him to his goal more efficiently.

There's room for improvement...

Creative state

A user of brainstorming and creativity techniques has the best prerequisites:

This person is capable of associative thinking. That is, he has the learned or innate ability to produce abundant thoughts on a question, and then analyze the data obtained.

During the production phase of a brainstorming session, alpha and theta waves are therefore mostly present in the EEG. In the analysis phase, beta waves predominate. Each individual creativity technique involves a certain procedure, but a change in the brain waves is not the focus.

Already better - but it can be even better ...

Optimal state

In contrast to the common approaches described above, the NEURONprocessor application is intended to create a special mental state or a special brainwave pattern.

This aims at maximum access to the brain and intuitive information.

Two things are characteristic for this pattern:

  1. In the left hemisphere, only a small number of beta waves are present, which is characteristic for a low analysis tendency.
  2. In the right hemisphere, on the other hand, there is a high level of activity across all frequency bands.

The NEURONprocessor user appears outwardly relaxed but concentrated.

Finally, this enables him to access information that he was previously not aware of or unaware of.

More, succeeds only a select few ...

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