Ideas for start-ups, investors and agencies during and beyond the crisis

Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for startups, investors and agencies during and beyond the crisis:

The aim of this project is to provide the defined industries in Germany with ideas that will help them to better master the crisis and to optimally prepare themselves now for the future thereafter. We have investigated two questions in each case. The first was, what general measures these industries need to take now in the crisis in order to align themselves more optimally. And secondly, which possible new business areas these industries can now develop / integrate that are also lucrative beyond the crisis - and with which strategy.

We make our forward-looking results freely available. They have been developed within the framework of our initiative COUNTER CRISIS IDEATION » | IDEA DEVELOPMENT FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT. The aim of this initiative is to minimize specific negative effects of actual crises - but also to see them as opportunities for change and further development.

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Project status & project results

Our projects have a dynamic nature:

We work permanently on our projects constantly updating and expanding these to include new findings. In addition, we add background information and applications (adaptations) of our findings - which in turn also confirm and validate our findings. This is especially important when it comes to trend and future forecasts or the anticipation of development dynamics.

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Small 1×1 of crisis management for startups

What general measures startups in Germany need to take now in order to be more optimally positioned in the crisis.