Counter Crisis Ideation

Ideas for international airlines during and beyond the crisis

Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for airlines, airport operators and aircraft manufacturers during and beyond the crisis:

Development, starting from the current situation of the airlines in the context of the Corona pandemic, of the possible optimum for airlines beyond the crisis, with its entry and the leading milestones.
The focus is on commercial airlines for passenger transport in national and international air traffic.

We make our forward-looking results freely available. They have been developed within the framework of our initiative COUNTER CRISIS IDEATION » | IDEA DEVELOPMENT FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT. The aim of this initiative is to minimize specific negative effects of actual crises - but also to see them as opportunities for change and further development.

Project status & project results

Our projects have a dynamic nature:

We work permanently on our projects constantly updating and expanding these to include new findings. In addition, we add background information and applications (adaptations) of our findings - which in turn also confirm and validate our findings. This is especially important when it comes to trend and future forecasts or the anticipation of development dynamics.

News about this project

Innovation Update Aviation #1

Our first "Innovation Update Aviation" - with three extraordinary ideas for new business areas for airlines.

How airlines will take off into the profit zone again in the future with necessary innovations and fresh ideas

Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for airlines, airport operators and aircraft manufacturers

9. international application of novel and innovative ideas for aviation and airlines beyond the crisis

The ideas developed by NEURONprocessing in an ideation project can basically be implemented worldwide with country-specific adaptations.

8. helping ideas and new business areas for airport operators that are lucrative beyond the crisis

In the long term, it will be worthwhile for airport operators to expand their experience and shopping offerings to include those from the education and health sectors.

7. helping ideas and new business areas for aircraft manufacturers that are lucrative even beyond the crisis

The aviation industry is facing fundamental technological as well as structural changes: e.g. smaller and greener aircraft, etc.

6. concrete milestones of the airlines on the way to optimal sustainable development

What is a possible future for airlines according to the "new normal" after the Corona crisis?

5. steps already needed for airlines to move towards optimal sustainable development

The optimum of the airlines does not correspond to a distant vision of the future. It is a realistic scenario that can be achieved by acting today.

4. the possible optimum for airlines beyond the crisis - in particular with regard to new business areas

Environmental thinking with transparent results, services in health care, public innovation for industry-specific issues, etc..

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Airlines as carriers of viruses

The airlines are increasingly in the public eye in the context of the crisis.


Current competitive situation of airlines in the crisis

Airlines around the world are currently struggling to find solutions. In this delicate phase, they are supporting each other as best as they can and coordinating on a macro level.


Lufthansa's reaction to the crisis

We would be very surprised if Deutsche Lufthansa has not yet set up a special task force to lead the company out of the crisis in the best possible way - irrespective of the government support that has been promised.


Protect renowned airlines

Protect national carriers (airlines) through state funding or through further state involvement.


Airlines struggle for solutions

The airlines are currently trying to avert the greatest possible damage and are struggling behind the scenes to find solutions.


Standard safeguards for airlines

Of course, the airlines are already working flat out to restore a gradual increase in flight operations.


Crisis as an opportunity for airlines

The current crisis and the associated requirements are forcing the airlines to develop innovative solutions in a timely manner.


Airline responses to the crisis

In this critical period, only a few companies allow themselves to deviate from the course they originally planned before the crisis.


Employees in the aviation industry in times of crisis

Many employees in the aviation industry like the current 'forced leave' at the beginning. However, this is not a more sustainable and satisfactory state of affairs for them in the long term.


Mood of the aviation industry in times of crisis

There is a depressed mood among airlines worldwide. There has never been anything like this before in this industry and on this scale. The tension is extremely high, as the existence of many companies is at stake.