Ideas for crisis management in the education sector

Ideas on the optimal development, innovation, and transformation for digital learning in schools and educational institutions while and beyond the crisis.

In terms of immediately usable tools and concepts that can remain in use even after the crisis, for future digital and mobile learning. The current Corona crisis affects the education sector differently - depending on how far the respective institution has progressed in its eLearning implementation. The task now is to actively and strategically shape this crisis and the transition toward the future.

We make our forward-looking results freely available. They have been developed within the framework of our initiative COUNTER CRISIS IDEATION » | IDEA DEVELOPMENT FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT. The aim of this initiative is to minimize specific negative effects of actual crises - but also to see them as opportunities for change and further development.

Project status & project results

Our projects have a dynamic nature:

We work permanently on our projects constantly updating and expanding these to include new findings. In addition, we add background information and applications (adaptations) of our findings - which in turn also confirm and validate our findings. This is especially important when it comes to trend and future forecasts or the anticipation of development dynamics.

News about this project

Idea development for the education sector in the context of the current Corona crisis

1. the current situation of digital learning for German schools and educational institutions in the context of the Corona pandemic

2. what measures can German schools and educational institutions take to maintain education in the short term?

3. future-oriented optimal tools, concepts and structures for schools and educational institutions beyond the crisis

4. ideas for schools and educational institutions on tasks outside their core activity during the crisis

5. possible period of the critical phase of the pandemic for German schools and educational institutions

Ideas, Concepts & Solutions
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Recruitment of employees for insurance companies goes differently from 2021 onwards

The concept for this was realised by NEURONprocessing through a new form of IDEATION AS A SERVICE (idea development as a service).


Customers book commerce

The new "Click & Meet" regulation since March 8 also offers retailers new opportunities for customer retention. Already existing software tools offer the required functions here.


Small 1×1 of crisis management for startups

What general measures startups in Germany need to take now in order to be more optimally positioned in the crisis.


Flying on Demand

Innovative airlines have long since recognised that they should not rely exclusively on conventional concepts for their offerings during the crisis.


Tourism & Pricing

Airlines can work with the tourism industry to develop attractive packages for business and leisure travellers.


Educational and sightseeing flights

Interested industries and companies may become active as sponsors for Educational and sightseeing flights become active for e.g. school and study classes.


our Brainwave patterns

DEFINITION: Our our Brainwave patterns are the key to understanding the NEURONprocessing method, as our respective state of consciousness determines the depth of our access to ...


Airlines as carriers of viruses

The airlines are increasingly in the public eye in the context of the crisis.


Current competitive situation of airlines in the crisis

Airlines around the world are currently struggling to find solutions. In this delicate phase, they are supporting each other as best as they can and coordinating on a macro level.


Lufthansa's reaction to the crisis

We would be very surprised if Deutsche Lufthansa has not yet set up a special task force to lead the company out of the crisis in the best possible way - irrespective of the government support that has been promised.