Handbook on the future development of electric mobility

In autumn 2019, at the start of the IAA, we set out to contribute concrete milestones from valid future ideas for the development of electric mobility. And to do so for the free use of all of us - as a guide to step-by-step implementation.

The individual ideas are highly valid because they were generated using a novel ideation or idea development methodology. In this methodology, a team of idea developers uses special software that puts everyone in the optimal mental state for idea development. The resulting ideas presented in the 10 milestones were validated via conventional background research and are now described in detail in the further development of our "Handbook on Electric Mobility of the Future".

For starters, we wanted to first give an overview - to present our own "Journey Plan into the Future of ElectroMobility" - which inevitably also goes hand in hand with the energy transition and maximum environmental protection. And all this outside the usual discussion with a forward-looking approach.

Our result combines new ideas and thoughts with existing solutions and developments - and merges them into a clear development line of 10 coordinated milestones. We will publish the further details and already existing practical applications on our channels as we go along - enriched with interviews with the leading experts in the respective fields.

Project status & project results

Our projects are dynamic:

We work permanently on our projects and update and expand them with new findings. In addition, we add background information and applications (adaptations) of our results - which in turn also confirm and validate them. This is particularly important when it comes to trend and future forecasts or the anticipation of development dynamics.

News about this project

i4F-1 | IDEAS FOR FUTURE launches handbook on the future development of electric mobility

i4F-2 | IDEAS FOR FUTURE | ElectricMobility of the Future: MEILENSTEIN 2 | The Collective Change

i4F-3 | IDEAS FOR FUTURE | ElectricMobility of the Future: MEILENSTEIN 3 | The Climate Account

i4F-4 | IDEAS FOR FUTURE | ElectricMobility of the Future: MEILENSTEIN 4 | Technological Conversion

i4F-5 | IDEAS FOR FUTURE | ElectricMobility of the Future: MEILENSTEIN 5 | Water Technologies

i4F-6 | IDEAS FOR FUTURE | ElectricMobility of the Future: MILESTones 6 - 7 | Modular System & Fuel Cells

i4F-7 | IDEAS FOR FUTURE | ElectricMobility of the Future: MILESTones 8 - 9 | Solar Energy reloaded, Oil as a rare commodity & "Algae glut" & Co

i4F-8 | IDEAS FOR FUTURE | ElectricMobility of the Future: MEILENSTEIN 10 | Endless Energy from Space?

Ideas, Concepts & Solutions
on this project

In our IDEAS database you will find the individual questions with their resulting ideas, concepts and solutions that we have developed within the framework of this project:

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  • Crisis management Airlines
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  • NEURONprocessor
  • Airlines in the Corona Pandemic
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Flying on Demand

Innovative airlines have long since recognised that they should not rely exclusively on conventional concepts for their offerings during the crisis.


Tourism & Prices

Airlines can work with the tourism industry to develop attractive packages for business and leisure travellers.


Educational and sightseeing flights

Interested industries and companies can become sponsors for Educational and sightseeing flights become active for e.g. school and study classes.


Brainwave patterns

DEFINITION: Our Brainwave patterns are the key to understanding the NEURONprocessing method, as our respective state of consciousness determines the depth of our access to ...


Airlines as carriers of viruses

The airlines are increasingly in the public eye in the context of the crisis. Many passengers can't wait for the ...


Current competitive situation of airlines in the crisis

Airlines around the world are currently struggling to find solutions. In this delicate phase, they are supporting each other as best they can and coordinating on a macro level.


Lufthansa's reaction in the crisis

We would be very surprised if Deutsche Lufthansa - irrespective of the government subsidy that has been promised - still ...


Protect renowned airlines

Looking at the current news regarding the airlines, it is becoming apparent that it is about especially the National Carriers (Airlines) ...


Airlines struggle for solutions

The airlines are currently trying to avert the greatest possible damage and are struggling behind the scenes to find solutions.


Standard safeguards for airlines

It goes without saying that the airlines are already working flat out to restore a gradual increase in flight operations. To this end, the current, ...