Crisis management ideas for the education sector

Ideas for optimal development, innovation and change for digital learning in schools and educational institutions during and beyond the crisis.

In terms of immediately usable tools and concepts that can remain in use even after the crisis, for future digital and mobile learning. The current Corona crisis affects the education sector differently - depending on how far the respective institution is in its eLearning implementation. This crisis and the change must now be actively and strategically shaped with a view to the future.

We make our forward-looking results freely available. These are available as part of our initiative COUNTER CRISIS IDEATION " | The initiative "IDEAS DEVELOPMENT FOR CRISIS RESPONSE" was created. The aim of this initiative is to minimise the specific negative effects of crises - but also to see them as an opportunity for change and further development.

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Idea development for the education sector in the context of the current Corona crisis

As of today, we are beginning to publish the results of our idea development for the education sector in the context of the current Corona crisis.


1. the current situation of digital learning for German schools and educational institutions in the context of the Corona pandemic

Germany can use the less than optimal situation in digital education during the crisis as an opportunity to be in a much better position in the future.


2. what measures can German schools and educational institutions take to maintain education in the short term?

In principle, schools etc. can continue to work as before during the crisis. At the same time, future-proof learning platforms must be set up and expanded.


3. future-oriented optimal tools, concepts and structures for schools and educational institutions beyond the crisis

After the improvised maintenance of educational operations during the crisis, the task now is to develop solutions and learning portals for the future.


4. ideas for schools and educational institutions on tasks outside their core activity during the crisis

In keywords: increase media literacy, push digital learning, cooperation & communication, teams with school authorities, canteen home delivery, ...


5. possible period of the critical phase of the pandemic for German schools and educational institutions

It could take longer than planned, as the peak has not yet been passed. If necessary until after the summer holidays for regular operation.

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