2. measures that the taxi industry can take to ensure the safe transport of passengers

In a crisis, a set of measures is available. For example, passenger compartments can be shielded, innovative disinfection can be carried out beyond the normal level, new technologies can be used, cashless payment can be used, visible and perceived security can be increased and other measures can be taken.

Shield passenger compartments from the driver

  • This minimizes the risk of infecting the driver, who in turn could infect other passengers.
  • To compare with the old English taxis where there was a window between the passenger and the driver.
  • New vehicles could already be equipped with this shielding.
  • A retrofit kit could be developed that you can install yourself and that any company can easily build with standard components according to instructions.
  • Issuing respirators to passengers that can be retained.
  • The wearing of protective masks by taxi drivers.
  • Use of covers for headrests (as in trains or airplanes), which are changed after each journey.
  • Post the required codes of conduct and tips for passengers in the passenger compartment.


Regular disinfection after each trip

  • Document the disinfection via checklists.
  • Distribute a video showing a driver disinfecting.
  • Define disinfection as a mandatory standard in fallow.
  • Disinfect the passenger seating area after the ride.
  • Another option would be to cover the passenger seats with a film, which could be replaced after each journey.
  • Sealing the vehicle is another option: each passenger redeems a seal guaranteeing that the vehicle has been previously disinfected.


Evaluation of new technologies previously tested

  • Use of air filters or air cleaners.
  • Ensure sufficient fresh air supply.
  • Check suitability of ozone lamps, disinfection lamps, UV lamps, etc. .
  • Technical components as a fundamental central element - also for the future: Innovative hygiene / disinfection technology.


No use of cash

  • Only allow payments via app and card terminal.
  • Enable payment prior to travel via online portal (see below).
  • Paying with Bitcoin and Co. (Stablecoin).


Measures for visible and perceived safety.

  • The taxi driver could wear gloves.
  • The driver only gets out of the vehicle in emergency situations and does not help to hold the door open etc..
  • Provide "safe transportation" in the event of a crisis: Safer than bus and train.
  • Guarantee that no infected persons are transported in "normal taxis". This increases the perceived safety. Only certain taxis should take over the transport of infected persons. These could be, for example, taxis that have the aforementioned separation between front and rear seats built in and cover seats with foil (see above). Alternatively: install hard plastic benches like at bus stops. These can be disinfected extremely easily.
  • Don't let the passenger sit in the front anymore.
  • Ban on group transportation (ride sharing).
  • Organise fixed agreements of regular or recurring trips by marketing them (see communication).
  • Build up the "regular driver" for regular customers: "The taxi driver I trust": responsible and "tested healthy" in the crisis.
  • The drivers complete a "Corona test" and mark this with a sticker on the windscreen. Optionally, this is displayed transparently in the corresponding app of the respective association / company.
  • It may be possible to handle critical passengers (suspected cases) in a special way.
  • A fresh smell in the vehicle is important - possibly similar to a (dental) doctor's office.
  • The vehicles still have to look inviting - like business class on an airplane.
    • Optional: wear uniform uniforms, gloves.


No waiting times for passengers

  • Reduce contact with other guests (each other) as much as possible.
  • Direct pick-up at the airport and train station without queues e.g. by booking in advance.
  • Enable direct door-to-door routes.


Conversations between driver and passenger

  • A positive conversational approach.
    • This may require training of the drivers.
  • No negative media coverage (radio, broadcast) in the vehicle.


The necessary speed must now be shown in order to implement these measures one after the other as far as possible.



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