9. international application of novel and innovative ideas for aviation and airlines beyond the crisis

In this part of our project "Ideas for international airlines during and beyond the crisis". is concerned with the question "Are there striking differences in the application of the ideas developed in an international comparison?".


The from NEURONprocessing The ideas developed in this project can be implemented worldwide. If necessary, our ideas can be adapted to country-specific conditions and regulations within a very short time.

On the one hand, this is due to the international character of aviation, which is a globally positioned and highly networked industry. On the other hand, however, this is primarily the result of the used NEURONprocessor Software for idea development, which always guarantees optimal results for any kind of idea development.


Global mergers

In the case of the Optimum When describing possible mergers and alliances between large, established airlines and smaller competitors, it is important to ensure that the prevailing safety standards are aligned with those of the parent or partner airline.

This is particularly true if potential subsidiaries or partner companies come from emerging and developing countries. These countries can benefit in the long term from cooperation with the established airlines and in this context there can be a steady improvement in the local air traffic infrastructure.

Global impact of pandemic travel restrictions

A relaxation of pandemic travel restrictions is expected to occur gradually across the globe. It will start with the major air traffic hubs, which have already taken adequate security and hygiene measures or can easily adapt to them due to their existing infrastructure.

Gradually, the regional airports will follow suit and will mainly be oriented towards the concepts of the large hubs. However, it is possible that some regional airports will surprise us with simpler or leaner concepts.

Particularly in the initial phase up to the year 2021, it will depend on how high the current infection figures of a disease that is a threat to society will be in the respective destination country. The precautionary measures to be taken by the airlines in the future will be based on this in order to be able to transport passengers to and from these countries at all.

Special airlines will establish themselves on the market that are particularly well placed to serve these health-critical countries. They will succeed in this, among other things, in close cooperation with the local health authorities and the medical facilities located or integrated at the airport, as we have seen under the new lucrative business areas for airport operators aspect.


This is the last item in our project "Ideas for international airlines during and beyond the crisis".. In the next step, we will add further ideas to the existing points and deepen existing ones".

7. ideas that can also be applied to the international taxi industry and what the differences are

Basically adaptable abroad

In principle, the ideas developed can be transferred - even if this applies to some countries to a limited extent, as different structures prevail there. The essential core ideas can be adopted to a large extent - albeit in country-specific adaptations and in connection with local peculiarities and sensitivities. In addition, there are different legal regulations.

Differentiation between town and country

A differentiation must also be made as to whether the region in question is urban, peri-urban or rural, as the transport needs there are different. The transport idea of taxis is essentially city-based and works there because of the short distances - and thus in countries with large (main) cities. As a consequence, taxi transport is not suitable for countries with rugged settlements or low population density.
Feeder / commuter services work best between (inner) city and suburban areas - but also at rural level as a feeder to public transport or directly to the destination.

Somewhat delayed, the big change in the taxi industry is happening everywhere

All measures can be extended to the international taxi industry. Differences might exist in countries where Uber, Lyft, and others have already heavily displaced the taxi industry. However, the current circumstances should apply to these companies as well.




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