Communication strategy

6. the taxi industry's optimal communication strategy to communicate its ultimately implemented measures and innovations

The industry must show itself with the alternatives and new possibilities in the crisis: Communication is extremely important and significant. The largest taxi companies should unite (e.g. "Taxi United against Corona") and agree on standards. These must be clearly stated.

extolling one's own virtues

  • Individual transportation.
  • Quick and easy from A to B.
  • No time-consuming bookings like with the train.
  • The industry should present itself as a rock - and above all as a supporter of the population: supply routes are maintained and this is mainly due to the willingness of taxi drivers to continue working even during the crisis.


You have to massively communicate all the measures and innovations you take to the outside world:

  • Collaboration with scientists.
  • Experts must validate all measures beforehand and confirm their effectiveness and benefits in interviews / statements.
  • Call and make an offer to society.
  • Taxi ride becomes the safest public transport, safer than own vehicle
    • Disinfection guarantee for every passenger.
    • Regular testing of drivers for the virus
    • Uniform with gloves, mask, every day fresh disinfected clothes
  • Inform customers via newsletter or app about the possible cooperation with the food retail trade (LEH) that the taxi industry now delivers food - possibly even free of charge for the customer.
  • Showing people clear solutions to everyday situations.
  • Away from just driving.
  • More points and details in the preceding points ...


Direct address

In any case, via a direct telephone approach, in order to be able to place the new ideas as quickly as possible, e.g. in companies - see above: Call Center.

  • Especially when a change is so obvious, it is easy to find arguments for the good idea.
  • These ideas will also fall on open ears and possibly the taxi industry can even position itself as a saviour (see above).


Multimedia distribution via Facebook and Co.

  • A social media campaign for all-German taxi companies.
  • Viral marketing across all channels.


Public service media

  • Radio advertising with offers of free rides - possibly via raffles or similar.


Public communication of the guild to the population about the measures

  • Present the role of the guild for society and communicate new offers as a contribution to society.
  • Issuing a quality promise for the vehicles.
  • Grumble box phone when standards are not met (dirty, stuffy).


In / on the taxi itself:

  • Stickers like Ryanair, but less intrusive.
  • Inform and educate the guests in the taxis.
  • The passenger can then inform himself during the journey if he wishes.


Image for all media

  • Large parade through the city as a signal of readiness.


At bus stops

  • E.g. to win new customers or to persuade them to switch.
  • Billboard or on-screen advertising.



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