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"I immediately got on board as one of the first customers in the early start-up phase of NEURONprocessing when I recognized its unique potential. I would like to use and apply this specifically in the development and expansion of business innovations."

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NEURONprocessor Update 3.1.0

English version below: On August 9th we will update the NEURONprocessor and take it offline for 24 hours. After that this ...


GF-0014 | The NEURONprocessor 3 as an idea lab & for idea developers

I. WELCOME | TO THIS EPISODE: In today's episode we present the NEURONprocessor 3 as an IdeaLab & for IdeaDevelopers: And ...


GF-0013 | Can digitalization provide us with an interface into our brain?

In today's episode we stay technical with the topic of digitalization: For this, Niels Löwe from the company Lionizers ...


NEURONprocessing StartUp takes off as think tank, academy & institute

To all future shapers, the time has come - our new NEURONprocessing StartUp goes live as a think tank, academy and institute for brain & ...

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