What else is in store for us ... and how we make the best of it ...


"What else is in store ... and how do we make the most of it ...?"

We have addressed this question with our NEURONprocessor idea development team in our current futurology project.

In it, we show what developments are currently at hand and what scope for action each of us has - and we have collectively.

Our results help anyone who wants to gain an up-to-date assessment, alternative perspective and the resulting scope for shaping their individual future planning.

We investigated the following questions:

  1. A brief description of the current situation we find ourselves in:
  2. An assessment of the current development if everything continues as before:
  3. A possible optimal future scenario, which could be achieved from the best possible utilization of our given options or resources:
  4. A strategy on how everyone can switch from our adjacent to the optimal line of development:
  5. An assessment of how to get started in the optimal future scenario:
  6. A strategy of which key milestones can be used to reach the optimal future scenario - including possible obstacles and how to overcome them:


Here are the results of the first question:


The current actual situation:

Complex overall situation

We have a complex situation that is difficult to grasp in its entirety.

The situation is defined by many turmoils and parallel developments, which many people do not understand in their overall context!

Many things are so complex that they are difficult - or actually impossible - to grasp by a single individual.

The hope prevails that things will continue as they have been - since one can live with it or come to terms with it in its form.


People are in transition

What has been learned so far is no longer effective - and an application of previous strategies is hardly possible.

The rules were rewritten - and previously valid loses its validity.

In this process, so many layers and interests overlap that an opaque and insoluble constellation is created - on such a large scale as has not been seen (for a long time).

Each individual is thrown back on himself or on a small circle of trustworthy comrades-in-arms, since the overall situation and the global development are no longer - or only with a lot of effort - comprehensible, understandable and transparent:

  • You can only rely on acquaintances and like-minded people.
  • Distrust in society is growing.
  • More and more fear and insecurity are spreading.
  • The feeling of helplessness and inability to act increases.


Maintain a balanced overview

Despite the effort involved, you should strive to get a balanced view across all media and channels to form your own opinion.

The discrepancy between the reporting in the so-called mainstream media (leading media) and the alternative (new) media leads to great irritation and uncertainty:

  • Both mainstream and alternative media are influenced and manipulate - depending on their agenda.
  • Information confusion among many people is the result.
  • Idea: It is about time that old, existing knowledge is applied (again) as soon as possible.
    • "REFERENCE: Explanations and backgrounds to this point we provide in our following project, in which we pursue the question whether and how people can be reconnected to possible past - or latent (slumbering) - knowledge*. In other words, to "lift the veil of forgetfulness".
    •  *In the sense of not using unused potentials, mental capacities, what blocks access to true knowledge through 'information overload'.


Problematic decision making

Individuals are preoccupied with the challenges of life and try to make the right decisions in relation to the situation they perceive.


Loss of trust

The situation is sustained by the promises - if not deliberate lies - that come from official sources - including politicians.

A lot of trust has already been lost in the last 2 - 3 years and many people have been shaken to their foundations. This effect continues to intensify.


Lack of knowledge and information

Much to our detriment, there is a lack of historical knowledge and truth, as we have degenerated in this area across the breadth of society.

It is time for old, existing knowledge to be applied as quickly as possible.

Because for many people the events of the last years (decades / even centuries) are still in their own, family or unconscious - possibly blocked - memory.

We run the risk that it will become increasingly difficult to get hold of certain things (information).

It sometimes seems as if our brain is blocked or influenced specifically (from the outside) in order to make the reception and processing of our own and external thoughts more difficult or even to prevent it. This can happen e.g. by blocking receptors in the brain.

  • "REFERENCE: This point will be elaborated in the context of a subsequent project.


Consequences of globalization

The rapid development (globalization) of the last years shows its weak points more and more intensively.

The supposed economic growth of recent years and decades has been at the expense of:

  • Nature, wildlife, habitat, children, grandchildren, etc.
  • People who do simple and often very unhealthy work for very little money.
  • Scarcer raw materials - or raw materials made scarcer by speculation and manipulation - lead to rising prices and further economic and warlike confrontations - both hybrid and conventional.

A few people and corporations own (too) much money and (too) much power, and the majority of people are visibly losing prosperity and are already partially impoverished from the middle class onwards.


Distance from life

The conditioning and necessities of life have made us incapable of living - in many ways.

Our naturalness and originality has been lost. In the width of the society we have hardly existing knowledge, around the true being and no real life reference any more.

Also, what people really need in order to live in a relaxed way has been lost in large parts, because our - from the outside consciously forced - living conditions make this extremely difficult.


Required clarification

Despite the difficult circumstances, clarification is required with regard to the aforementioned points - which is easier done than said.

We publish concrete strategies and approaches to solutions in the following questions that we have investigated.


More content followed in the next few days on the here set up Project page on our blog.


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