Our 2021 - we ask our future

We ask our future We have received these questions in advance from many interested people.

Now, together with all of us, we are developing a universal strategy for the future for all of us:

"Life" - as a common departure into the coming years - out of "Our 2021" ...


These are the questions we have been exploring:


1. question
What does it take for people to renounce outdated concepts - such as centralized money, New Age, religions, politics, and more?

2. question
Will there be a return to analog - and if so, in what form?

3. question
Will rural areas experience influxes and cities empty out?

4. question
How do we re-create local communities and structures to be self-sufficiently empowered?

5. question
If technologies are withheld, will they be published in a timely manner - and if so, which ones, with what consequences?

6. question
What is the consequence of the extreme indebtedness of the states?

7. question
Will there be a new or alternative currency and economic system - be it crypto based or something else?

8. question
Which professions will be needed in the future?

9. question
Is there an optimal general strategy for the future in professional terms to which one can align oneself (change, further education, self-employment)?

10. question
How can you realize a regular, adequate income for yourself in the future on this basis?

11. question
How will environmental protection and climate protection proceed in the future?

12. question
Where is the overall development heading in broad, essential terms?

13. question
What is our society becoming in broad, essential terms?

Question 14
How can structures be improved fundamentally (!) and free of oppression for a more just world for man and nature sustainably for all?

15. question
What can individuals do - in broad, essential terms?

16. question
What influence do the different Corona vaccinations have on the body, mind and soul of a (healthy) person - and possibly unvaccinated fellow human beings?

17. question
We will announce the 17th question only at the very end of our results - this much is revealed: It is ... complex ...



On the basis of these submitted questions, we have, as part of our NEURONprocessing Ideation with the NEURONprocessor developed the targeted future strategy with our team of experts.

We have already successfully developed crisis management strategies in this way for ourselves and various industries - and made them freely available on our website, where we will also start to publish the data of "Our 2021" shortly:

» www.neuronprocessing.com


The special thing here is that our Idea Developer work in the ideal mental state for idea development - leading to a unique quality of results.

The result of our NEURONprocessing* Ideation project is now available and will first be made available to all questioners and in the further course to all interested people. Afterwards we will further develop the project together with all of us. If you are interested, just contact us ... .


If you have any questions or preliminary inquiries regarding our results, please do not hesitate to contact me and our team:

Just use our chat on the bottom right or call us at +49 40 46871237.


With hopeful greetings for all our futures

Thomas Tankiewicz

[Managing Director & Co-Founder]



*NEURONprocessing is the most efficient method for creativity and idea development (ideation) for concept and solution development.



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