Our 2021 - our joint strategy for the future is ready to go

After an alienating 2020 and 2021, we have launched an initiative to collectively take charge of addressing the ongoing crisis situation:

Together with all of us we want to develop a universal future strategy for us all develop: "Our 2021" - as a joint departure into the coming years!

In the run-up to the event, we had many interested people send us questions that individuals had not yet been able to answer, either professionally or privately. On this basis, we have developed a number of new NEURONprocessing Ideation with the NEURONprocessor the desired future strategy is developed by our team of experts. The special feature here is that our Idea Developer work in the ideal mental state for idea development - leading to a unique quality of results.

The result of our NEURONprocessing* Ideation project is now available and will be made available to all questioners and interested people.

For example, we answer questions such as "What new trends will be relevant in the future?" or "How can you protect your family in the future?".

We have already successfully developed crisis management strategies in this way for ourselves and various industries - and made them freely available on our website, where we will also start to publish the data of "Our 2021" shortly:

» www.neuronprocessing.com

If you have any questions or preliminary inquiries regarding our results, please do not hesitate to contact me and our entire team: Simply use our chat on the bottom right or call us at +49 40 46871237.

With hopeful greetings for all our futures

Thomas Tankiewicz

[Managing Director & Co-Founder]



*NEURONprocessing is the most efficient method for creativity and idea development (ideation) for concept and solution development.



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Our 2021 - our joint strategy for the future

UPDATE: We are extending the submission of questions for our collective future strategy "Our 2021" until February 22. The goal is to develop a path out of the crisis for our collective future, which we shape autonomously as people and companies.

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