Innovation Update Aviation #1

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Our first "Innovation Update Aviation" - with three extraordinary ideas for new business areas for airlines.

Hello to our first "Innovation Update Aviation" - for everyone interested in novel & also feasible ideas for aviation. We also broadcast this update on our IDEAS FOR FUTURE TV channel linked here and our podcast of the same name.

In our Innovation Update - which is available for different industries - we present new forward-looking ideas - resulting from our NEURONprocessing ideation projects. The NEURONprocessing method enables our brain [NEURON] to be used in an ideal* state for idea development in a software-based way [processing] - and is thus one of the most efficient methods for the development of sustainable concepts and solutions.

My name is Thomas Tankiewicz and I am the head and co-founder of NEURONprocessing. For aerospace, I am assisted by our aviation expert and co-founder Tobias Krieg, who worked for 14 years in quality management for the largest European aircraft manufacturer AIRBUS.

So - here we go ...

Our concept

First, we would like to briefly introduce our format. With our international team of idea developers, we generate - in the manner described above - new ideas on our main topics on a daily basis:

  1. New technologies
  2. Education and research
  3. Aeronautics and aerospace
  4. Business innovation
  5. Reality and consciousness
  6. Crisis management


We isolate individual sustainable ideas, concepts and solutions from these topics and feed them into our constantly growing ideas database. We consider many ideas to be of benefit to society as a whole and publish them for free use. We license other ideas or use them in the context of ideation projects for clients. We provide an overview of all new ideas in our Innovation Updates. In between, we also compile focus topics - such as ideas for novel healthcare concepts.


Innovation Update Aviation #1: The Ideas

For the premiere of our 1st Innovation Update for aviation, we have compiled exemplary ideas with current relevance that we would now like to discuss. ...

1. our first idea is about educational and sightseeing flights:


2. the second idea has "flying on demand" as its theme:


The third idea is about flexible pricing models in the cooperation of airlines with the tourism industry:



The credits & outlook:

This was our first update and we are happy to answer any questions or provide more in-depth explanations.

Now a brief advertisement on our own behalf: We are happy to support innovative companies in the targeted further development or adaptation of individual ideas. Optionally, our research-based NEURONprocessing IDEATION can be ideally used for own strategy and product developments, research impulses, trend & future research, concept approaches, etc.

Our next update will focus on ideas that aviation companies have not yet or not sufficiently exploited during the crisis.

Until then, we say - on to the future ...

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