2. further possible immediate measures by airlines for regular flight operations out of the crisis

In this part of our project "Ideas for international airlines during and beyond the crisis". is concerned with the question of "Other immediate measures that airlines can take to restore regular flight operations in the context of the crisis".


To date, the airlines and the airline industry have taken actions such as we have seen from our perception of the current situation have described in essential parts. At this point in time (beginning of May 2020), it is not clear what short-term relaxations there will be for the airlines - and above all when. The question therefore arises as to what immediate measures - over and above those taken to date - the airlines can take to enable regular flight operations to resume in the context of the crisis. 


For this purpose we have that developed the following ideaswhich are described in detail below:  

  • Designing the environment of an aircraft - essentially the airport and its operations. 
  • Modifications inside the cabin. 
  • New and advanced technologies. 
  • Changes at Food service or catering. 
  • Cooperation with the tourism industry and optimized Pricing Structures. 
  • Communication with investors. 
  • Purchasing and tax relief. 


The ideas we have developed for this show concrete possibilities, dhe From innovativen Airlines hauntedbe killed could. NEURONprocessing Sync and corrections by n17t01 at any time in the Locationto further deepen individual ideas or / and to develop them further until they are ready for application. Interested parties from the aviation industry simply get in touch with us. Link


The cabin  

Obviously can be found at a part of solution for the essential safety of passengers in essence only in the Inside in the cabin. 


Passengers are in principle enclosed in the cabin, which at the same time includes part of the solution:  

In terms of a clean room that only someone who has been tested and disinfected before boarding / or has disinfected themselves can get into. 

Inhale own air via oxygen masks and extract breathing air via the ventilation system 

One idea is, Oxygen masks during the flight and to provide an optimized air circulation. This could possibly be achieved by setting the air nozzles of the ventilation system to suction, whereby the sucked away air must be disposed of or safely cleaned. New and enhanced technical solutions could be used for this purpose, as described in the following point "New and expanded technology"  be described. 


New and expanded technology  

In the course of securing the aircraft cabin, it is also necessary to consider the installation of new and that Modification of existing technology should be considered. 

There are many possibilities for upgrading and converting or technically expanding and reconfiguring systems. These are described in the further course of our idea development. 

One idea is the development and adaptation of a "Live-Detection System" of the virus (real-time detection). Also in the future - beyond Corona - such a system will be very useful. 

Such a system would be something revolutionary new that would actually be of great help - if not the decisive Solution for the Continuation of the Aviation as we know it. 

Currently being evaluated NEURONprocessing that Feasibility anes such a system based on detailed data from our ideation. Interested parties from the aviation industry or interested manufacturers or development partner for such a system, just get in touch with us. Link. 


The reflection 

The ideas that emerge from our idea development should trigger a creative process of thinking about our solution approaches in the aviation industry. And this in conjunction with anm downstream Engineering, um figure out how these ideas are to be realized.  

Specifically, it is about the resulting follow-up actions for testing, further development and adaptation, both internally and externally - e.g. with research institutions or in cooperation with NEURONprocessing. 


The food  

Food on board should be be used for the time being only from tubes, in order to be able to none Fabrics as, that previously on the been airborne are 

Suitable for this purpose, for example: Quetschies, meals from space travel, etc.. This idea could give room to new innovations of food for the aviation of the future. Airlines could use this to communicate the idea and the need for healthier food - possibly becoming a supplier in this area (diversification). See also > public innovation (forthcoming). 

Another option would be well packaged food rations, to be taken with caution. 


The partition walls  

Another idea is to put additional partitions in Aircraft and, if necessary, to separate them "hermetically" by means of contactless automatic doors. 

These could already be designed futuristic, like in the Enterprise (Star Trek) and also accompanied by the same sound (> Futuristic ambience and travel flair / coming soon).  


Tourism & Pricing 

The airlines can develop attractive packages for business travellers and holidaymakers in cooperation with the tourism industry, which is also hard hit, that can already be booked now.  

Even if it is currently not yet apparent when the booked packages can actually be used, they would be applicable immediately after the corresponding relaxation of the current restrictions.  

In order to encourage customers to book, free and flexible cancellation with refund of all costs or the possibility of rebooking is a matter of course.  

The basic idea of this concept is that airlines and the tourism industry work closely together, to get the best for both industries.   



Investors in the industry should invest in the future projects of the airlines so that they can continue to make profits in the years to come. See the ideas in 4. optimum (coming soon). 



Airlines will be able to return to smaller, regional airports in order to avoid a greater accumulation of passengers at the major hubs.  

There will be more point to point (point to point) Connections added to the flight schedule to avoid unnecessary transfers and reduce waiting times (> Smaller jets / coming soon).  

HMilitary airports may also be considered for this purpose, provided that they allow mixed (civil/military) operations. 



In addition, it is advisable for the airlines to take advantage of the current situation to agree favourable kerosene prices with suppliers now.   

This can partly compensate for the losses caused by the crisis. financialn losses, are offset in the following months. 


Tax relief  

Generally you come for temporary tax reliefs or subsidies for the aviation industry in order to ensure its continued existence. 


In the next part of our project "Ideas for international airlines during and beyond the crisis". is about the question "Possible period of the critical phase of the pandemic for the airlines" - in other words, first innovative ideas to develop the current situation in a constructive and future-oriented way.

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