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To the already existing specifications and proposals for the reopening of barbershops / hairdressing salons, we have developed some complementary to enhanced security ideas. These can be implemented to increase the security if necessary:


This is aCombination of:

  • Disinfection lamp (yellow)
  • Modified barber chair (brown & orange)
  • Exhaust air upwards (blue)
  • Optional: Oxygen for the customer (turquoise)
  • Gloves and disinfection
  • No waiting times due to appointments (red)


Disinfection lamps


It must now finally be clarified by appropriate investigations whether and how disinfection lamps have an effect on the virus. If the mode of action is given, then these should also be used in shops. This would then also be relevant for use in taxis, as described in our "Development of ideas for the German taxi industry in the context of the current Corona crisis" described.

So far, it can be said that disinfection lamps are not very intensive. The WHO even declares them ineffective. The radiation dose required for disinfection is probably relatively high and possibly unhealthy for humans in the case of direct irradiation. The current state of knowledge assumes that disinfection lamps only help against viruses in the air. For example, there are shaded areas on rough surfaces - i.e. the virus is not reached here by the radiation.


VisierModified barber chair


The hairdresser's chair can be optionally equipped with a protective device - at least a visor.


1st variant: Visor / windshield on the Hairdresser's chair

The idea is to have a kind of visor or windshield - similar to a motorcycle or child seat - that attaches to the barber chair.

StangeAs if a suitable visor or similar is also available as a standard product in different variants - or also in the form as protective equipment.

For fixation bars from the hardware store can be used - if necessary shower bars in large quantities from a manufacturer that you bring on board as a hairdresser association. The optional oxygen cylinder (see oxygen therapy) can also be attached to this.


TragegurtSecond variation: Visor on Body

Like the 1st variant - only attached to the body. This would be possible via a holding corset like for stunt kites. A classic folding visor will not be sufficient in hairdressing. 


The basic principle here is: Set the barber chair all the way up and always move the client all the way down.


Exhaust air


Idea of a high suction exhaust air system above the cutting stations, so that the breathing air can be sucked upwards and, if necessary, filtered and discharged.





The aim is to build up a negative pressure above the workplace - if necessary also with other (air conditioning) techniques.

It is crucial that the exhaust air is directed upwards. This could also be realised via a standard device that is positioned centrally in the store at the right place.


Konzept Abluftanlage


The small Oxygen therapy


It is also possible to start with the customer, who can quite easily be in a biosphere of his own.


Optional: Oxygen for the customer

Medical oxygen from the can and the oxygen cylinder brings numerous health benefits.

The oxygen cylinders are simply attached to the hairdresser's chair(s). The customer buys for under 10 euros a Breathing mask with hose for medical oxygen and the hairdresser connects it to the bottle. The oxygen is either charged by the hairdresser - it's on the house.



99.95% medical oxygen and supports the body with e.g.:

  • Delay of the cell ageing process
  • Power increase
  • Head and neck tension
  • Increasing concentration
  • Periodontitis prophylaxis
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • New strength and energy with fatigue
  • Support for respiratory problems
  • Improvement of the psyche
  • And many more effects



Disinfection & Standards

Of course, gloves must be worn and disinfectant must be used to clean the work utensils after each customer.


For customers who want to play it safe:

The customer buys 1 x his personal hair cutting utensils such as comb, scissors and long hair trimmer brings the each and can be sure that everything is clean.

Otherwise, all restraints and other hygiene standards should be observed and applied.

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