3. tasks that the taxi industry as a whole can take on during the crisis

As far as possible, the new or extended tasks and services should gradually be embedded in the already existing service portal - see description under point 4.

In future, the taxi industry should see itself as an "all-round service provider" aiming for a much broader field of activity - see also 4.


Central performance

  • A central service is the safe transport of people.
  • As described above, taxis can be retrofitted and take over special trips as "Corona free": This could become a special and standardized service of the taxi industry, which could be approved by the authorities.
  • Particularly trustworthy taxi drivers who build up a close customer relationship (see 2.) should also be allowed to transport children in order to make it easier for parents to perform their (system-relevant) tasks / work if necessary - e.g. towards secure care facilities.


Contracts awarded to taxis by public authorities and subsidised by the government

  • Local authorities or government institutions should use taxis as operational mobile units to maintain necessary logistics:
    • e.g. transport files and documents for companies and authorities.
    • E.g. safe driving of public authority employees or persons in the public service.
  • Acceptance of secured individual transports if there is a suspicion of illness - see also 2. "special vehicles".


Pharmaceuticals & medical goods

  • In cooperation with pharmacies and hospitals, the transport of medical goods should be expanded in order to enable or maintain the necessary distribution logistics.
  • Similarly, the transport of urgent medicines should be undertaken.


Taxi rides support / replace ambulance transports

  • The public institutions may very quickly reach their transport limits. The previously mentioned "special taxis" can transport sick people and deliver medicines.
  • Furthermore, errands for high-risk patients can be taken over. Update - this idea has already been adapted: The Hamburg taxi industry offers since 16.03.2020 a Purchasing service for risk groups on.


Expand shopping service

  • For people who no longer want to move out of the house.
  • For people under quarantine.
  • Checking out food in association with food retailers (LEH).
  • Delivery services have already reached their limits. Taxis could offer shopping tours at a fixed price.
  • A small example for the concrete implementation: The taxi business should be directly connected to the logistics of the grocery store. The orders that are already coming in should be picked by the food retailer. The taxi drivers then pick up the goods from the central warehouse (or possibly decentralized warehouses). The payment works in such a way that the LEH offers a product "Deliver by taxi". The customer can then add this to the shopping cart. This also enables contactless payment and delivery - see also 2. If coordination with the food retailer seems too complex for the time being, the taxi centres could offer customers standardised shopping baskets. When a customer uses the shopping service by phone, these shopping baskets are briefly presented to him. In addition, a list of shopping baskets could also be displayed on the website.


Transport of goods instead of persons

  • Delivery of parcels and other consignments of goods.
  • Increased acceptance of courier services.
  • see 4. for further expansion.


Offer long distance travel

  • Establish itself as an alternative to bus and rail in and around metropolitan areas.
  • Offer cheaper rates for this.


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