5. period of the critical phase of the epidemic for the taxi industry in Germany

A long-lasting phase

The period seems like a rather long-lasting phase to adjust to. The effects will be of longer duration, as we are still at the beginning and we will not return to normality so quickly. Even if the impact on the taxi industry may not be as great as currently assumed.

In essence, it could be a total of 3 - 4 difficult months. Therefore, the implementation of the new ideas outlined here is necessary as soon as possible.

Over time, everyone adjusts to the situation. Therefore, it is important for the industry to establish the necessary routines within the framework of the new solutions and to offer an overall broader spectrum - as shown here in the core.

An initial improvement occurs when the following restrictions on passenger transport are lifted:

  • Concert cancellations
  • No Bundesliga in all sports
  • No tourists
  • No business travelers
  • No trips to the restaurant
  • and the like ...


Peak only in May

The effects could continue to be felt until the end of the year, although the peak could be passed by the end of May: The epidemic may even peak in May before leveling off relatively quickly.

Improvement from the end of June

From the end of June, there would then be a significant improvement in the general situation (with regard to the epidemic). The more intense effects could still be felt into the summer - August / September.

Fade out

After that, the curve slowly flattens out and the old business comes back in greater numbers. In combination with the possible new business, a volume can be achieved over a period of perhaps 8 - 9 months that corresponds to the previous one, with further growth opportunities through the new ideas, innovations and possibilities.

Wavelike progression

We may be dealing with a wave-like progression. The effects can be significantly reduced via the measures. It is possible that we will have another wave of infections in the autumn.



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