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MILESTones 8 - 9 | Solar energy reloaded, oil as a rare commodity & "algae glut" & Co

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Hello to Ideas For Future TV - the show for anyone interested in novel & doable ideas for our collective future.

In Milestones 6 - 7 we have shown the possibilities of water technologies in combination with fuel cells and the advantages of modular construction of future automobiles. In today's episode we turn to solar technologies and their impact on oil as a new valuable raw material.

So - here we go ...


MEILENSTEIN 8 | Solar energy reloaded | Oil as a rare commodity

Parallel to the future developments described so far, more and more solar cells, solar films and newer solar technologies will be used. This is because the many international research projects will produce ever higher efficiencies and new technological approaches - such as solar-active paints. It will be possible to integrate or apply all these technologies to the bodywork of vehicles during manufacture and afterwards.

Countries that live heavily from oil exports will realize that they can no longer compete with the ever-increasing efforts to protect the environment and the mass consciousness that has changed as a result of the climate change debate. Especially since they themselves would be affected by the momentous global changes in their own habitat.

Thus, it is only a matter of time before oil is positioned as a high-value specialty product in areas where alternatives do not yet exist. The price of oil will rise as a result. And in those areas where alternatives do exist, there will be a switch to environmentally friendly, recyclable raw materials, which will be cheaper in relation to oil.

The new generation of solar cells coming onto the market later on will enable the transition to solar-based economies in which energy is no longer a scarce commodity. This development is irreversible.

MEILENSTEIN 9 | "Algae glut" & Co

Another evolution is driving development: battery and solar technologies that are no longer based on organic semiconductors but on biological materials - such as algae. These will come onto the market with high efficiencies. This efficiency indicates how much of the available solar energy is converted into electricity by the solar cell. In general - i.e. beyond mobility - it is true for our future development that biotechnological solutions will continue to replace conventional technologies.


"Finally, my own advice: If you want to have new ideas developed within the framework of an ideation - or if you want to learn how to do this yourself in an optimal mental state for yourself or in a team - the reports just come to me.



ElectroMobility of the Future - MEILENSTEIN 10 | Endless Energy from Space?

Until then - Yours Thomas Tankiewicz for Ideas For Future TV


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