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MEILENSTEIN 5 | Water Technologies

Hello at Ideas For Future TV - the show for all who are interested in novel & feasible ideas for our holistic and collective future. If you've seen our first shows, you already know that we develop our ideas and future scenarios presented here with a software that creates an optimal mental state for this - so that we always provide you with fresh thought goods ... So - here we go ...

The 5th milestone of our "Handbook for the Future Development of ElectroMobility" deals with water technologies:

In our last broadcast we described that operators of wind power and photovoltaic plants are already becoming energy producers.

Many of them, as well as other renewable energy producers, go one step further and produce pure hydrogen using increasingly effective electrolysers. This is stored, converted back into electricity when required or offered directly on site at hydrogen filling stations - and sold regionally if larger quantities are produced. The operators can thus profit particularly from their pioneering work in the preceding years.
In the Netherlands, Shell and innogy - i.e. RWE - are planning the first megawatt plants, and Hamburg plans to start building the world's largest plant of 100 megawatts this year.
It is essential to encourage this development through favourable financing and better policy frameworks.

In parallel, water- or hydrogen-based propulsion technologies are already being advanced. These help to drive suitable combustion engines (initially diesel) after a corresponding conversion - and thus also serve as a transitional technology. Because hydropower is a clean power - even small children know that ... because don't forget: their future is at stake here!

Sunny countries with access to the sea - which conveniently applies to many oil countries - can already produce drinking water quality via solar-based seawater desalination plants. With the appropriate downstream processes for energization and oxygen enrichment, even spring water quality. In a further stage, solar electrolysis can be operated on an industrial scale. Newer processes for this can even manage without upstream seawater desalination.

So this is a growing field of activity for our industries and the oil countries; as they start to build such facilities worldwide and combine them with their existing infrastructure of pipelines, tankers and so on. But please clean them first ;-) In this way, the world's scarce drinking water resources can be conserved as part of the energy and mobility transition.

Somewhat later, the time has come to put a hitherto seemingly neglected technology to use: the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen "on demand". This technology makes it possible to further convert hydrogen vehicles so that they can fill up with pure water and produce only the amount of hydrogen that is needed at the moment by pressing the accelerator pedal. This is already available for sale as a small-scale model that you can build yourself.
The advantage for the car manufacturers is that the sequence of conversions from pollutant reduction to hydrogen to water shown here in the 4th and 5th milestones allows them a longer transition period based on their existing technologies and global manufacturing techniques. We see: there are alternatives to Silicon Valley thinking!

With their network of specialist workshops, they are definitely in a position to benefit massively from this transformation process of conversions and retrofits. This is also giving rise to new professions away from digitalization. Not everyone has to become a programmer. Versatile trained professionals such as mechanics and mechatronics engineers, who cover the entire range of requirements, are needed.


ElectroMobility of the future - MEILENSTEIN 6 | Modular system in car production

Until then - Yours Thomas Tankiewicz for Ideas For Future TV


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