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The handbook for electric mobility of the future:

ElectroMobility thought into the future in order to develop it properly from the present.

MEILENSTEIN 4 | Technological retrofit

Hello at Ideas For Future TV - the show for all who are interested in novel & feasible ideas for our holistic and collective future. We use a self-developed software for our ideas and strategy development, which brings us into an optimal mental state for this - so that we always provide you with fresh thoughts ... So - here we go ...

Also in our 4th broadcast we continue with our "Handbook on the Future Development of ElectroMobility".

But first something topical:

This weekend (9/28/2019), the first eCannonball took place. All veterans on this planet still remember the movie of the same name - without "e" in front of it - with Burt Reynolds. It involved a horsepower-heavy and tricky race from New York to LA with the goal: win without getting caught or stopped by the police.

The eCannonball around its spiritual fathers OVE KRÖGER and MICHAEL SCHMITT - both veterans of the German eMobility scene - want to show: eMobility does work. It went across Germany from Constance on Lake Constance to Berlin. The winner had to be fast, save energy and use the right charging station strategy - in other words, "brains before lead". The winning team ALOHA made it with a Tesla - Model 3 in 8 hours and 32 minutes (8:32) among the nearly 60 participants.

You can find the corresponding links in the show notes below:

►► E-Cannonball | And e-mobility does work!


Now we come to the idea of technological retooling as the 4th milestone

After we have recognized that our current technologies - which pollute the environment - are inadequate, so-called "transitional technologies" are first developed or helped to achieve a breakthrough. These must only last with minimal impact on people and the environment until subsequent, more sustainable technological developments can replace them. Manufacturers and suppliers should absolutely align themselves with this in order to be able to survive.

The first step is to reduce the raw material, energy and environmental impact of existing vehicles as much as possible. This is achieved through technical conversions (environmental tuning) - accompanied by convincing manufacturers and approval authorities to allow them. A start has already been made with the retrofitting of old diesel vehicles at Volvo, Daimler and VW - after politicians and car manufacturers had long resisted this more costly but more effective method.

Solutions to save energy by reducing power and optimizing combustion are already available and just need to get into widespread use.

The same efforts are being made in parallel for the other forms of mobility from rail, shipping and air transport.

Operators of wind power and photovoltaic plants have started to upgrade them - to offer local, decentralized energy supply and to operate charging stations.


Until then - Yours Thomas Tankiewicz for Ideas For Future TV



ElectroMobility of the future - MEILENSTEIN 5 | Water Technologies


If you need help with the implementation of your ideas, want to have new ideas developed - or even want to learn to do this yourself for yourself or in a team - the reports just come to me.


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