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The handbook for electric mobility of the future:

ElectroMobility thought into the future in order to develop it properly from the present.

MEILENSTEIN 3 | The Climate Account

Hello at Ideas For Future TV - the show for all who are interested in novel & feasible ideas for our holistic and collective future. We use a self-developed software for our ideas and strategy development, which brings us into an optimal mental state for this - so that we always provide you with fresh thoughts ... So - here we go ...

In today's 3rd broadcast, we continue, of course, with our "Handbook on the Future Development of ElectroMobility".

But first something topical:

The last days we didn't have the announced broadcasts, because we had to spend the time with technical changes to move our show to a completely new infrastructure. Now we are well prepared for everything we have planned for you in the future.

At the same time, we used the time to look at the events surrounding the IAA and the UN Climate Summit: The bottom line is that they clearly show one thing: we have to do it ourselves! Every single one of us - and together as a collective.

To the current discussion that is taking place, we would like to say: It is not about being right about the cause of climate change in detail - or its magnitude expressed in statistics and possible macroscopic cycles. No - it's about damage control with regard to the environmental pollution and destruction we have already caused. And doing it as quickly as possible, so that the damage is not irreversible.

It is about innovations in a process of conversion to freely available energies - as we have already postulated in our first broadcast. In this alone there is so much development and production potential that this transition into the 3rd millennium will not be at the expense of a sustainable economy and jobs.

After all, we are still talking about raw materials and materials that should no longer pollute us and our environment in everyday life - that is something that everyone wants for themselves and their children.

These are the points we need to focus on!

So, how can we make this happen?

The whole thing really only works through changed behaviour - everyone within the scope of their possibilities and not at the expense of others or the environment. This applies to us as consumers, politicians, entrepreneurs - to all of us.


Let us now turn to the idea of a personal energy-climate account

Creating an energy-climate account as an overarching platform is the responsibility of policy makers. The account can be managed through an official app that allows us to manage and organize our own energy mix and environmental footprint - for our home, business and mobility.

Only sustainable energy providers are allowed on this account platform - e.g. certified green energy providers, solar or / and wind power filling stations, etc..

The same applies to suppliers of energy and environmental technologies, which are included in the range and usher in an era of decentralised self-energy generation - e.g. manufacturers of products for renewable and self-sufficient energy generation.

Even small children will then enjoy assembling prefabricated solar garden and balcony power plants, fathers will enjoy environmental tuning for home and mobility - and mothers will enjoy buying local, energy-saving, climate-neutral and fairly produced products for their daily needs.

And all this is recorded in our proposed Energy Climate Account. It serves as motivation and basis for benefits and charges, based on the individual account balance.

This is a very simple idea that can serve as the basis for many of the approaches and problems currently under discussion - more on this in one of our next episodes - or on demand.


Until then - Yours Thomas Tankiewicz for Ideas For Future TV



ElectroMobility of the Future - MEILENSTEIN 4 | Technological Conversion


If you need help with the implementation of your ideas, want to have new ideas developed - or even want to learn to do this yourself for yourself or in a team - the reports just come to me.


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